Our strengths and expertise
Since 2005 in web
development business Since 2012 is a reliable outsourcing partner and works with clients from Europe and North America
At the moment, the company employs 28 employees in 3 offices in Ukraine.
Our main focus is the development of complex web applications, web sites, browser extensions.

We offer a full range of services in the web development field:
UX / UI development
Wireframes, mockups, branding, color scheme, style guide
Increasing page performance and download speed
Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Chrome Audit, WebPageTest.org, Pingdom Web Page Speed Test, etc.
Increasing CR
UX/UI analysis, A/B testing, analyzing customer behaviour with GA and other tools
Responsive HTML-coding
HTML5/CSS3, SASS/LESS/Stylus, Bootstrap/Material Design, jQuery
Front-end development
Angular, React, jQuery (for small/
legacy projects)
Back-end development
PHP (Laravel), Node.js (Express.js, Sequelize, etc.)
Databases and data stores
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, Elasticsearch
S3, VPC, EC2, OpsWorks, EBS, RDS, ElastiCache, CloudWatch, Route53, CloudFront, AWS Lambda (including serverless.com framework), AWS Elasticsearch, AWS Batch
Web hostings
AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Hetzner
QA and test automation
Checklists, test cases and test plans, automated tests with selenium, puppeteer, etc.
Other technologies
WebSockets, Apache/Nginx, RabbitMQ, CloudFlare, Prerender.io, MailChimp, SparkPost, etc.

Expertise in more than 30 business areas

Our guys have expertise in more than 30 business areas: SaaS, StartUp, e-Commerce, CRM/ERP, restaurant, education, coupons, gas station and tank farms, show jumping, hotel, MLM, and others. In 2013-2014 we made two our own StartUps: mozaus.com (online mosaic builder service) and maquetter.com (SaaS solution for designers).

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