PHP (LAMP/LEMP stacks) projects
We use Laravel/Symfony for new projects. In our projects, which are currently in support mode, we have also more legacy frameworks such as Laravel 4.2 / 5.0 or Yii 1.1 / 2.0. By design, we don’t use any Content Management Systems in our projects.
We apply AngularJS / ReactJS / jQuery javascript frameworks, Stylus / SASS as CSS pre-processors, Bootstrap / MDL CSS frameworks and Gulp or Webpack as a task runner.
We use either Express.js framework or no framework at all. We use different node.js modules depending on the project requirements.
Visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website, mobile application or extension. For wireframing we use Mockflow.
“Colored wireframes” that depict how a website, mobile application or extension will look like. For mock-up-ing we use Photoshop and Sketch.
UX analysis, A/B tests
To analyze the data and scope of work needed to improve conversion and to do A/B tests, we use such services as Google Analytics, VWO and Yandex Metrica.
Dependency management
We use Composer for PHP packages, npm for Node.js packages, Bower/npm for frontend libraries, npm for Gulp/Webpack deployment pipeline packages.
Our team is always open to listening to your interesting ideas and taking on challenging projects
Code quality
We use CodeSniffer, Mess Detector, Copy-paste detector for PHP code, jslint/eslint for Javascript code, W3C validator for HTML/CSS code. We perform general website optimisation based on Google PageSpeed recommendations. We also write unit and acceptance tests and do performance tests with Apache Benchmark tool.
Mobile apps
We develop native iOS/Android apps as well as Cordova/PhoneGap based on Ionic Framework.
Other technologies
We use Ansible / Chef for server provisioning, and we use CloudFront as a CDN. Depending on the project requirements we utilize PostgreSQL, Memcache, Redis, SOLR, RabbitMQ, Jekyll, Handlebars, etc.
We utilize different hosting services for our projects: Amazon AWS private cloud, DigitalOcean, Heroku, GoDaddy shared hosting, VPS/VDS in Hetzner. We utilize Vagrant managed virtual machines for local development.