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Web development

We develop web projects of any scope and complexity. From a simple 5 pages presentation website to an e‑learning platform or even a niche social network with integrated marketplace.

From gathering requirements and defining website structure up to the maintenance of the project in production. Even if you only have a basic idea, we’ll help you make it real!

Web development

QA and test automation

Checklists, test cases and test plans. We also write unit and acceptance tests with a broad set of tools such as Selenium, Puppeteer, Protractor, Jest, etc.

QA and test automation

Browser extensions

If you have an idea of creating extensions for browsers, we’ll gladly help you bring it to life.

Browser extensions

Digital marketing

UX analysis, A/B testing and other methods to improve CR. If you want to improve conversion rates of your landing page or need to promote your website to the top in search engines, we can do it.

Digital marketing

QA and test automation

Checklists, test cases and test plans. We also write unit and acceptance tests with a broad set of tools such as Selenium, Puppeteer, Protractor, Jest, etc.

QA and test automation

Web hostings

We utilize different hosting providers for our projects: Amazon AWS and Lightsail, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Hetzner VPS/VDS and Cloud, GoDaddy.

Increasing page performance and download speed

We are able to achieve 90+ grade in Google PageSpeed, Chrome Audit,, Pingdom Web Page Test and other similar tools.

Increasing page performance and download speed
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How long? This long!

We’ve been developing for more than fifteen years

During this time we’ve successfully completed over 400 projects and expanded their activities into several countries, including Germany, UK, the USA, and Israel.

Our key areas of expertise

  • restaurant business
  • learning resources
  • online stores
  • social network
  • any more
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You only have an idea?

Discovery phase

We’ll help turn it into a project

No matter what you’re planning to build, be it an innovative startup idea or a new functionality of your existing business process, our job is to research and find out what the best solution would be.

Learn more about the discovery phase
Increasing page performance and download speed
More about the discovery phase

last work

  • Logotype
  • Color scheme
  • Desktop wireframes
  • Mobile wireframes
  • Workflow
Our last work

What clients say

BuildIT engaged the ABZ Agency team to help us make some technology decisions and ultimately design and develop a mobile application. ABZ and its staff were organized, responsive and highly capable. We were very pleased with ease of working with them and would not hesitate to use ABZ again or recommend them.

We’ve worked with ABZ on a number of projects - mainly Google Chrome Extensions. The work they’ve done has been exceptional. The projects we have worked on together have been complex and have involved integration with other systems involving APIs. The innovation, communication and quality for work has been excellent overall. Put simply, the guys at ABZ are some of the best developers I’ve worked with in a 30 year IT career. I have super high standards but ABZ exceed them every single time.

Our company “AviaTravel”, the leader ticket reseller company works with “” for more than 2 years. Even though there have been misunderstandings, we were always able to find a way to resolve them. Among other things we should mention the high professionalism of “” staff and the ability to work under strict deadlines. All the service that we received can be described as quality and high-tech. The team is always responsive and caring. They are ready for all the improvements for our website. We are happy with the proper organization of work and concentration on the process. The employees of this company always show initiative and a high level of responsibility. Their ideas are always relevant and constructive, that is why we can recommend “” to our partners. We are really happy with the work done for “”. They guys certainly show sincere interest in the opinion of their customers and always listen to it. In general, we would evaluate the work with “” as 4+ out of 5 so that “” doesn't rest on its laurels and develops further. Thank you for the productive and pleasant cooperation!

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