Support the Ukrainians by working with us

We are a software development company

Support the Ukrainians by working with us

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18 April 2024

We've added a new entry to our team's merch lineup – branded eco-friendly cold drink cups! It's a great way to gear up for the summer season. We're constantly expanding our merchandise range, and these eco-cups are a fantastic addition. Not only will they help you stay refreshed in hot weather, but they also demonstrate your commitment to the environment. These cups are perfect for use in the office or at home, and they make a wonderful gift for friends and family.

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8 April 2024

5 years ago, a Node.js Backend Developer joined our team. At first, things were not easy: there were mistakes, and there was a lot to learn, but with hard work and self-discipline, success followed. During one project, our developer's natural leadership and client communication skills shone through. With focused development through PDP these talents flourished. First Backend Developer grew to PM Assistant, and after some time, he was already independently leading projects as Lead PM – marking a remarkable 5-year company anniversary!

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4 April 2024

This weekend, our team visited a local dog shelter. On behalf of the client M.R. and, we purchased $1000 worth of supplies that dogs desperately needed. We collected the supplies at the office for several weeks, and then the team personally visited the dogs. In addition to the gifts, we also spent time with them, which is just as important.

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Our main directions

Complex and unique solutions based on web technologies

We will do our best to deliver the project according to the PRD

according to the PRD

High-performance solutions

Fast <2 sec page load time for projects with traffic volume of 5-10 million users per month and a database holding data of 100+ million users

performance optimisation

High-loads solutions

Server infrastructure development based on AWS, GCP and Heroku with peak load up to 100K users per minute

Development of browser extensions

Browser extensions

Development of browser extensions of any complexity


React Native applications

Development of applications for iOS and Android, as part of a single ecosystem of the project

high performance
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Company information

Our goal

Every one-two days our clients receive complete functional blocks. Our clients receive the project exactly according to the PRD

Our mission

To deliver projects on time with required quality

Our market

We work with medium and small-scale businesses, startups of any complexity since 2005

Dedicated team

We work at a speed range of 64-1200 hours per week for each dedicated team

Our team

For now 75+ guys work in 6 offices of the company (Tallinn, Estonia and 5 offices in Kyiv, Ukraine)

What clients say

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React Native Apps React Native Apps

Full development cycle from PRD to publishing on App Store and Google Play

Page performance optimisation Page performance optimisation

We will help you attain PageSpeed 100/100 and WebPageTest AAAAAA+

Custom ERP Custom ERP

Business analytics and ERP design, development, business implementation and support

Product constructor Product constructor

Visual, graphic, simplified, drag and drop etc.

Bot development Bot development

Development of custom bots and other automation solutions on any complexity

DevOps DevOps

We work with top cloud providers: AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku

Development of parsing and scraping solution Development of parsing and scraping solution

Collecting and processing any amount of data

Custom business management systems Custom business management systems

We will find pain points for your business and how to solve them

Analytics and conversion optimisation A/B testing, analytics and conversion optimisation

It takes a lot of time and resources but is proven to be effective

NFT projects NFT projects

We already have expertise in this new market

PRD development PRD development

If you will play by our rules we guarantee that your project will work like a swiss clock

Complex calculators Complex calculators

Complex calculators for websites of any level of complexity and configuration

You will directly work with

  • Lead developers
  • Project managers
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • UX/UI designers
  • QA specialists
our team
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