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Web development

We develop web projects of any scope and complexity. From a simple 5 pages presentation website to an e‑learning platform or even a niche social network with integrated marketplace.

From gathering requirements and defining website structure up to the maintenance of the project in production. Even if you only have a basic idea, we’ll help you make it real!

Web development

QA and test automation

Checklists, test cases and test plans. We also write unit and acceptance tests with a broad set of tools such as Selenium, Puppeteer, Protractor, Jest, etc.

QA and test automation

Browser extensions

If you have an idea of creating extensions for browsers, we’ll gladly help you bring it to life.

Browser extensions

Digital marketing

UX analysis, A/B testing and other methods to improve CR. If you want to improve conversion rates of your landing page or need to promote your website to the top in search engines, we can do it.

Digital marketing

QA and test automation

Checklists, test cases and test plans. We also write unit and acceptance tests with a broad set of tools such as Selenium, Puppeteer, Protractor, Jest, etc.

QA and test automation

Web hostings

We utilize different hosting providers for our projects: Amazon AWS and Lightsail, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Hetzner VPS/VDS and Cloud, GoDaddy.

Increasing page performance and download speed

We are able to achieve 90+ grade in Google PageSpeed, Chrome Audit,, Pingdom Web Page Test and other similar tools.

Increasing page performance and download speed
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How long?
This long!

We’ve been developing for more than fifteen years

During this time we’ve successfully completed over 400 projects and expanded their activities into several countries, including Germany, UK, the USA, and Israel.

Our key areas of expertise

  • restaurant business
  • learning resources
  • online stores
  • social network
  • any more
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You only have an idea?

Discovery phase

We’ll help turn it into a project

No matter what you’re planning to build, be it an innovative startup idea or a new functionality of your existing business process, our job is to research and find out what the best solution would be.

Learn more about the discovery phase
Increasing page performance and download speed
More about the discovery phase

Weekly news

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17 January 2022

Is PRD necessary or not? Let's take a step back and look at our own example outside web development. As you know, our employees work in 3 offices across two cities in Ukraine. Recently we greatly expanded our team and needed more space to fit everyone in, so in early January we found a new bigger office space which needed a renovation. As everyone in a similar situation we encountered questions of the deadline and estimate for the repairs. You can’t just show the foreman and office manager the premises, tell them what you want and expect to receive a deadline and estimate right away.

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10 January 2022

New Year's eve is a time for presents 🎁. Each year we give all employees a paid week off for the New Year's holidays. During this time, the entire company is closed, the offices are quiet and all work chats freeze. Guys have an opportunity to relax and reset, so we can return fresh in a new year.

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Web development: the way from an idea to a working product

How does an idea become a working product? What steps should you expect? What services does a web development company provide, how will it help you to solve your problems?

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What clients say

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the ABZ team on various challenging web technology based development projects. They are true professionals of the highest order and always deliver, as promised, on time and to the highest quality standards. ABZ has an excellent team of incredibly skilled developers, talented designers and effective project managers who are able to take highly complex requirements and turn them into flawless products. Their internal organization is setup in a highly efficient way and our communication with them has been both frictionless and pleasant. It is rare to find a partner that is so trustworty and reliable as ABZ has been on our projects.

We’ve worked with ABZ on a number of projects - mainly Google Chrome Extensions. The work they’ve done has been exceptional. The projects we have worked on together have been complex and have involved integration with other systems involving APIs. The innovation, communication and quality for work has been excellent overall. Put simply, the guys at ABZ are some of the best developers I’ve worked with in a 30 year IT career. I have super high standards but ABZ exceed them every single time.

Our Medical Center Biospets has been working with for three years starting in 2017. Together with the agency’s team we have developed the entire corporate identity for our medical center including logo, color scheme, sign board, company letter-head design, illustrations etc. We were trying to follow the team’s recommendations, and they did their best to consider our wishes. It is worth mentioning that more than once our ideas have been rejected by the team. At the same time, they were suggesting other solutions which were ultimately approved by us.

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