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Dedicated team

Unlike working according to the WPE (Work-Plan Estimate), we do not provide an estimate for a project or tasks. We allocate a full time team (40-45 hours for each member of the team). You get weekly reports on the hours spent from the internal redmine time tracking system, but at least a full 40 hours per team member must be used up each week. Otherwise the client pays for the full load regardless. The team is formed for projects with weekly load from 120 to 640 hours.

Speed (X hours per week)

The first thing you should start with is to choose the most appropriate team size which will determine the speed with which the project will move forward. Our guys can move at speeds from 120 to 640 hours a week. Let's further explore how it works.

The team will include the following specialists working at a full load:

  • 1 Project manager / Lead developer
  • 1-4 Frontend developers
  • 1-4 Backend developers
  • 1-2 QA specialists
  • 1-2 UX/UI designers

Now let's look at an example of a small, dedicated team that can spend 160-200 hours per week:

  • 1 Project manager / Lead developer - 24-32 hours per week
  • 1 Frontend developer - 40-45 hours per week
  • 1 Backend developer - 40-45 hours per week
  • 1 QA specialist - 32-45 hours per week
  • 1 UX/UI designer - 24-32 hours per week
Our team

For the dedicated team, we select guys who are ready to work on one project for a long time

The dedicated team is always made up of full-time developers who are only dedicated to your project and cannot work less than 40 hours a week. This condition works even if there are temporarily no tasks in the project. Often, during such periods, the guys are engaged in code refactoring, bug fixes with priorities 4-5, and working with the backlog.

However, a dedicated team may include part time developers, either temporarily for a quick push or periodically as needed. For example, you do not need a UX/UI designer all the time in a situation when all the mockups are ready and approved, but if necessary UX/UI designers can be involved to make some adjustments.

Why do we mention 40-45 hours a week? The fact is that we work hourly and the guys have the opportunity to work more than 8 hours a day. Each employee can work an average of 9 hours a day at the request or request of the project manager. This increases the total up to 45 hours per week. Therefore, when discussing the speed of work we always stipulate a range of additional hours per week.

We also have the practice of Turbo mode in the case of ASAP or on the eve of the deployment for production. The guys, by prior agreement, can work more than 10 hours a day and on weekends. In this case the team logs double the amount of hours spent into the time tracker. This practice works for a limited time period no more than 1-2 weeks and only in agreement between the project manager and the team.

Dedicated team composition

We always put together a dedicated team strictly from the company employees. Our company is an outsourcing company and the guys are used to working on different projects all the time. For example, one developer can take part in from 3 to 10 projects in a year. When we put together a long term dedicated team that should work on a project for 1-3 or more years, we select guys who are ready to work on one project for a long time.

Of course, you can always ask to add additional guys to the team. We can also replace the team members at our own discretion, both to increase the quality of work and for organizational reasons. In the event that an employee is fired or is about to leave the company, we will replace him with a comparable substitute.

Dedicated team or hourly
according to WPE?

Let's figure it out together. If you have a big project and you need to move steadily and at a certain speed (X working hours per week) for 1-3 or more years (at least half a year), then the dedicated team is for you.

If you have a small project (up to 1200 hours) it is better to work according to WPE (Work-Plan Estimate). Our recommendation is to always calculate how much it will cost you to work with a dedicated team per quarter or half a year, taking into account the chosen rate of hours per week (from 120 hours to 160 hours per week).

We have clients who came to us simply with tasks for 120-320 hours and tried WPE. As a result, for several years now they have been working with a dedicated team. We have been running projects in a dedicated team format for the past 7 years for one of our client's companies. We also have many clients with whom we work for 1, 3 and 5 years or more.

At the same time, we have clients with whom we have been working for 5-7-11 years in WPE format. But, as you understand, this is periodic work with one project or several clients projects.

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Dedicated team
 vs outstaffing?

In the case of the Dedicated team:

  • The guys work according to the comprehensive company regulations
  • You are calm that the guys work in the company's office under the supervision of a project manager (there are also cameras and electronic passes in the office)
  • The guys are always in touch during business hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 GMT+3)
  • If an employee leaves the company or is fired, you will be provided with an equal replacement
  • You immediately get a close-knit team of current employees of the company
  • CTO, CFO, CEO of the company are in touch with you and are always happy to answer any of your questions
  • You do not need to deal with organizational tasks and project management

We do not provide outstaffing services, we are a full cycle outsourcing company. We are proud that we can guarantee the quality, timing and stability of work for many years.

Development approach

The work team always consists of at least three people: a developer (frontend, backend or full stack), a Project Manager or a Team Lead (hereinafter PM) and a QA. It is often the case that if a project is very dynamic there are involved two QAs or even more in order to ensure better performance and flexibility.

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Work Plan - Estimate

WPE (Work Plan - Estimate) - once we have a completed and approved PRD, you receive a Work Plan - Estimate with an accuracy of +/-20% for total hours and 3-5 days for deadline. Work Plan - Estimate will contain a detailed breakdown of the project as a whole into the 1-4 hour tasks.

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