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The process of developing a web project requires your active participation. Only so, you will get the most out of your project. During the Development phase, you discuss your needs and develop a clear and detailed understanding of how your website or web app will work and look when it’s ready. Also, you create the Project Requirement Document (PRD) that allows you to be on the same page with your development team, get exactly what you agreed upon and within the agreed deadline, and serves as technical documentation once your project is launched.
Based on the PRD, the development agency estimates the project and plans work. The project is deconstructed into small blocks and tasks. The development happens task by task. You should be able to see and test updates on your project daily. When all the tasks are completed, and your project is ready to launch, it’s deployed and launched.
The living projects usually require small changes and updates, followed by regular regressive testing and refactoring. This is called the maintenance, and it can be done by the development agency or by your in-house team or a freelancer. Big updates are usually released as a new version of the project.
There is one more important step to developing your website or web application. It precedes all the phases mentioned above. You need to find a professional development agency to complete your project with high quality and in time, and consult you as you go. The is a team of professionals aimed at delivering high-quality results and solving the clients’ problems rather than simply developing any website just to get it done. We are ready to collaborate to produce the results that make a difference.