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Since 2005 our team has been committed to fulfilling our clients needs

We have worked 
on different projects from simple websites (240 hours) to complex control systems 
(15000+ hours) 
so far

Beat Wuffli

Head Tokenization

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the ABZ team on various challenging web technology based development projects. They are true professionals of the highest order and always deliver, as promised, on time and to the highest quality standards.

ABZ has an excellent team of incredibly skilled developers, talented designers and effective project managers who are able to take highly complex requirements and turn them into flawless products. Their internal organization is setup in a highly efficient way and our communication with them has been both frictionless and pleasant. It is rare to find a partner that is so trustworty and reliable as ABZ has been on our projects.

I can highly recommend ABZ to anyone who is looking for an excellent development partner and we hope to do many more projects with them in the future.

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Mehdi Bellatig

Founder & CEO

Working with ABZ agency is a real game changer for our project!

We went from complete chaos to order, we simply love their rules and processes, and we can see that they have spent years perfecting them to make collaboration the best it can be.

Often in projects, miscommunication is what causes a LOT of trouble (trust me, we wasted tens of thousands of euros in rework due to miscommunication, and that’s excluding the missed opportunity costs), and ABZ solves this issues with a few unorthodox approaches :

- No calls : this rule is amazing ! Scary, but amazing! We were anxious that it would be an issue but we haven’t had any problems, on the contrary, all the miscommunication that was happening with previous IT company due to lack of writing things down, is now gone! Everything is written, clarified, and findable again for later reference.

- No coding before requirements are clear : they ask a lot of questions, and when I see how clean their delivrables are, I am thankful for all their questions.

- Frontend starts in Figma : again, a great rule to avoid rework, design needs to be done 100% (for every single change) before frontend devs integrate it, there are no approximations, and the result is pixel perfect integrations!

We look forward to continuing to trust ABZ with the development of our project, and we’re very grateful for the attention and quality of service that they provide us with.

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Stuart Browne

Managing Director

We’ve worked with ABZ on a number of projects - mainly Google Chrome Extensions. The work they’ve done has been exceptional. The projects we have worked on together have been complex and have involved integration with other systems involving APIs.

The innovation, communication and quality for work has been excellent overall.

Put simply, the guys at ABZ are some of the best developers. I’ve worked with in a 30 year IT career. I have super high standards but ABZ exceed them every single time.

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Enrico Kowski

Marketing & Sales Manager

We would like to thank abz very much for the more than satisfying work. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun to develop our new website incl. Webshop together with abz.

All team members work in a professional and focused manner and always deliver on time and to the best quality standards, as discussed. ABZ has a very professional team of very capable developers, talented designers and effective project managers.

The internal organization is efficient and communication with ABZ has always been smooth and friendly. It is good to know to have a partner like abz on your side.

We would recommend abz without any limitations to anyone looking for a trustworthy development partner.

Thank you very much.

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Sebastiaan Vesseur

Managing Director

Over the last year we have worked closely with ABZ Agency developing one of our web applications. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them. They are dedicated professionals and are continuously able to turn complex ideas into flawless products.

They are highly response, always just a message away from an answer.

We are already looking forward to our continued collaboration as we move forward to build out our product.

Thank you ABZ, for the highly professional and dedicated work you put in!

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builditCreated with Sketch.

Michael Cain

VP Development

BuildIT engaged the ABZ Agency team to help us make some technology decisions and ultimately design and develop a mobile application. ABZ and its staff were organized, responsive and highly capable. We were very pleased with ease of working with them and would not hesitate to use ABZ again or recommend them.

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comprigoCreated with Sketch.

Mathias Rochus

Founder & CEO

I would like to express gratitude to the team for being our strong and reliable outsource partner. We work together for more than 2 years and they have always been just one message in a chat away from us, always online and ready to respond during their business hours. Additionally I would like to stress team hard working attitude and readiness to work overtime if needed due to project urgency.

Of course nobody is ideal. Two times we had a situation when we had an issue with our production system but team both times reacted promptly and fixed the issue in a timely manner. However, we believe those incidents are compensated by the quality of their work and their highly responsible attitude to work.

They can satisfy almost any web development request: website re-design, browser extension development, landing page design and development, landing page CR optimisation and A/B testing, website development, etc.

We are going to continue working with them.

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Roy Raviv

COO at Shellanoo Group

I want to express my gratitude to the developers team and their CEO Ihor Abyzov for our successful and effective cooperation during the creation and developing front-end part of our Startup project. build a serverless (S3/AWS Lambda) web application and implemented frontend part of this project (using Angular 2, REST and related technologies).

Having worked together with Ihor and his team we made sure that they are real professionals who love their job and always try to do their best for you.

Despite the fact that we worked remotely with as with the outsource team which they provided for us, we got high quality work and good results. It was not a problem to discuss and resolve all the controversial moments which always happen during the development process. Developers are responsible for their tasks and always try to pull their weight. They are quite experienced to do their work on time and have important ability to meet strict deadlines and work under pressure.

Thanks to the good management and responsible attitude to the work we became a team with group during creating our project.

So, thank you guys and keep it up!

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Cyrus Caviani

Owner at Sufi Restaurant

It’s not the first time that we send or words of gratitude to ABZ Agency team. For the next phase of our website we wanted them to develop two mobile apps for us.

First mobile app was an iOS native app for iPhone/iPad devices which completely repeats the functionality of our website. This was developed and was a Great Success.

Second mobile app is more important because it simplifies work of our staff. [It is ongoing but sure they will do a great job!]

It is a Daunting task when you want to develop a complex project and your developers are far away from you! But I have to say at ABZ Agency the CEO and the team are great and very Professional and Effective. They are always available on line and have great in-depth knowledge of the field that you feel at ease.

The outcomes of the projects that ABZ Agency has under-taken for me so far has been exactly as I wanted. The operation has been smooth and perfect, Apps works like a clock work, productivity has increased there not much can be said! Totally Happy! Great CEO, GREAT TEAM! KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORKS GUYS!

Thank You, ABZ Agency!

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Sergey Katz

Founder & CEO

We would like to thank the staff of for design and development of our product

We work with creative team starting March 2015, and during this time period, we have twice restructured major features of our product, by adjusting them to customers needs. Both times "" staff managed to find the best and really ingenious solution, by supporting our ideas and helping generate new ones.

In 2016 "" released a new version of Colectik trend style. New design was created by using up-to date Google material design guidelines. Team solutions, was the impetus for our "startup" and attracted the attention of visitors to our project.

Our company plans to continue cooperation with "" team in support, content generation and development of new features.

We can confidently recommend "" team to any company interested in the development of professional, creative, and productive corporate design, and most importantly, the positive results and achieving goals. team proved itself as a great team, it takes full responsibility for its tasks, completes everything in time, and provides additional value to product.

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Cyrus Caviani

IT Director

We have been working with our developers for nearly two years, in that time they have built from scratch our professional networking website combined with a marketplace ecommerce platform including designing our app for iOS and Android.

We came to when our previous developers let us down with a poorly designed platform plagued with errors and bugs that was affecting our branding and reputation and as a start-up business, this was key to us.

Therefore we went in search of new developers and found Their CEO Ihor Abyzov, was very insightful and clearly understood the huge complications of our project. He along with his team studied in detail our website’s current state and suggested to us a more effective design solution and features that improved our user experience and resulted in high conversion rates. It required whole website rewrite and initially we were a bit reluctant to do it but Ihor did a great job convincing us this was the right solution. Today, looking on the results we are very happy that we followed his expert advice.

The outstanding work that have done for Denteez, is nothing short of amazing. Their team redesigned and created our professional networking platform to the highest quality, not only did they improve the user experience, they also dramatically enhanced and improved the user interface.

We are extremely happy with the professionalism of Ihor and his excellent team, they are intelligent, hard-working and extremely diligent, something that is rare in this industry. They understand our needs and the complexity of our project quickly and efficiently. Their quality of work is outstanding, and we cannot thank them enough for the fantastic work they have done.

We continue to work with them on our massive project, we in the final stages of developing our ecommerce marketplace platform and of course other aspect of our project will be given to

We really appreciate all the hard work that they have done for us and continue to do for us. They are a fantastic team.

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Vladimir Koshevoy and Artem Svyatnenko


Several years ago we decided to create a new Internet product on the Ukrainian market, the online booking service for the quest-rooms (escape rooms). We found the guys from, who had already had experience developing similar projects. I will say right away that their rules of working with clients are spartan: correspondence is only possible in skype chat, everything has to be documented in Google documents and covered with prototypes and different workflows. In general, first steps were very difficult for us.

Now, after almost 3 years of our successful collaborative work, I can say with certainty that all these rules allowed us to develop our idea into a working and competitive product on the Ukrainian market and yet beyond. We continue developing our service actively to help users quickly and efficiently find and book the best quest-rooms in their area.

It is also worth mentioning that "" team was always there for us at the times of ups and downs. This proves once again that "" is a reliable partner. They were always in touch and ready to help when it is necessary. We would often argue with them trying to promote our idea, but if this idea contradicts the specification or other standards, there is no way for us to push it. They always stand on the side of the end users and think of best user experience. Their experience in developing user friendly interfaces helped to increase conversion. "" team does not adhere to the rule that customers (us) are always right, they just do the job that is best for the business.

We express our gratitude to the whole team of "".

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sufi-logo-RCreated with Sketch.

Cyrus Caviani

Owner at Sufi Restaurant

I would like to thank ABZ Agency and the staff for the Professionalism and Work Ethic they have shown all the way through from the moment they took on the project few years ago until now. Since 2007 I worked with many Companies to design and develop my Restaurant Site ( But I have to say non-were as thorough and a professional as ABZ Agency. My customers and I are very impressed and enjoyed the high-quality work that they have done on redesigning the web site which has resulted in the increase of my customers.

Prior to ABZ Agency, we have had our web site developed and redesigned 4 times, by different companies, some were very cheap but again always there was an issue with the site performance and security. After searching for a reliable, professional company who can deliver ‘’NOT ONLY TALK THE TALK BUT CAN WALK THE WALK’’ I came across ABZ Agency. After the initial conversation that I had with them and seeing their professional approach, Methodical approach to providing solutions and their capability I was pleasantly surprised.

We put forward our requirements to ABZ Agency. Their CEO Ihor and his team studied in detail our website current state and made recommendations to us for more effective design solutions and features that improved user experience and resulted in high conversion rate. It required whole website rewrite and initially we were a bit reluctant to do it but Ihor made a great job convincing us. Today, looking on the results we are very happy that we followed his advice.

ABZ Agency team not only updated our website interface for the convenience of our customers, they also thought about the staff who works with the admin part of the site. So, now we have easy-to-use backend interface that allows our operators to keep menu up-to-date, manage table bookings, orders and other website areas. Our new SMS notification system ensures that every order will be delivered on time. Also, we have now a mobile version of the website optimized for small screens and touch input which has all the functionality of the desktop version.

Now, 9 months after the launch of the website we reached very good results: average number of orders and table bookings significantly increased and abandoned cart rate dropped from 23% to 10.5%. I can confidently say that there is a great merit of ABZ Agency team in the success of our website. Thank You Guys, not only for the quality of the development but for the new rational solutions to improve our restaurant website.

Currently ABZ Agency team is working on iPad application development. This app will allow us to work quickly and more efficient with online orders and we really look forward to it. Thank you again and hope this even be bigger success

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Sergey Ryzhkov

Founder & CEO

Our company "AviaTravel", the leader ticket reseller company works with "" for more than 2 years. Even though there have been misunderstandings, we were always able to find a way to resolve them. Among other things we should mention the high professionalism of "" staff and the ability to work under strict deadlines. All the service that we received can be described as quality and high-tech.

The team is always responsive and caring. They are ready for all the improvements for our website. We are happy with the proper organization of work and concentration on the process. The guys of this company always show initiative and a high level of responsibility. Their ideas are always relevant and constructive, that is why we can recommend "" to our partners.

We are really happy with the work done for "". They guys certainly show sincere interest in the opinion of their customers and always listen to it. In general, we would evaluate the work with "" as 4+ out of 5 so that "" doesn't rest on its laurels and develops further.

Thank you for the productive and pleasant cooperation!

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Sergey Malyukov

Founder & CEO

We would like to express our appreciation on the professional work of the company "". They have developed a stylish marketing website, taking into account all our needs and wishes. As a result the number of our customers and our sales grows. Everything is done efficiently and what is even more important for us in time. One week of delay didn’t disappoint against the background of the done work.

Company "" has done a great job creating the website for our Company. Particularly we are glad for the big banner which presents our product. It immediately attracts attention of potential customers just after they open the website. Our website design is very light, not cluttered with colors and elements and the layout looks stylish and minimalistic. The staff of "" is always responsive and is good at listening all your wishes and ideas. Working with them is always easy, fast and pleasant.

Staff of "" helped us also with the proper promotion and CEO optimization of our website, so that it got to the top of all search engines. Company "" showed the professionalism and the experience in this field as well. It is so nice when top class specialists work on your project.

We will be glad to work again with "" in the future. As soon as we have new ideas, we already know who can implement them. I would like to thank the "" team in the name of total team of ""!

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laetril-b17-logoCreated with Sketch.

Sergey Malyukov

Founder & CEO

The team of our Company "B17" is very grateful to the team of "" for such a prompt and quality work on contextual advertising of website. We are very happy that "" has worked on our project with a great zeal. We were looking for a team of professionals that could do this for us and "" did for our search parameters, which were high level of expertise and reasonable price.

From the very first days of our partnership we realized that we had made a right choice. Thanks to "" we were able to run contextual advertising campaign and now we are planning to promote products by social networks. We really like that the staff of "" always offers creative and fresh ideas in touch. This is very useful if you want to discuss any issues quickly. They also keep pulse on all the latest technologies in the area of Internet advertising and are able to suggest the most suitable solutions.

I would like to thank the friendly staff of the company "" for all it hard work. They really made the impossible possible. I hope to continue our cooperation with new projects in the future.

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stock-clock-logoCreated with Sketch.

Sergey Malyukov


We would like to thank the team of "" for creating an online store website "Stockclock" for our Company. Due to high professionalism of "" team we were able to create a feature-rich online store and we believe such user experience was crucial for its success. Your company’s experience in website development attracted us because adaptive website design is really important for SEO and search engines optimisation. Result which we got from your company was not just a website which looks great on desktop PC but the website which looks great (and was thoroughly tested to achieve this) on different desktop and mobile devices.

It was a pleasure for us to communicate with your company’s guys and work together on our project. We wish you to grow as a company and reach new heights in web development!

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