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25 June 2024

Congratulations to our designer on completing his first year at!

Over the past year, he has proven himself to be a diligent and hardworking specialist who consistently moves forward, dedicates significant time to self-development, and isn't afraid to acknowledge his weaknesses, regularly working on improving them.

We are actively enhancing the designer's expertise within the framework of a Personal Development Plan (PDP). As he values feedback from experienced colleagues and seizes opportunities to learn new things, the company is fully supporting his growth, including funding external professional development courses.

The first year has been full of efforts to improve every day. This dedication deserves respect. We wish him continued success, as there are still many heights to conquer ahead.

If you are passionate about your work and looking for a place where you can continually grow, send your CV to Our HR team will provide information about current job openings.

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18 June 2024

We are excited to announce that our Tallinn office (T1) is almost fully occupied. Consequently, we are now working on establishing a new office that meets our high standards.

If you are considering relocating to Estonia, now is the perfect time to discuss job opportunities. This will allow you to prepare for the move and start working in our new office as soon as it opens. We are seeking professionals who are ready to grow and join our dynamic team.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of our company’s expansion in Tallinn. Contact us today to explore job opportunities!

For those in Ukraine, we have five offices in Kyiv and are actively recruiting new employees. For more information on open positions and opportunities, please reach out to us at

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12 June 2024

This week we celebrate the anniversary of two guys who work hard to ensure that the UI in projects developed by provides the most positive UX.

Our web designer celebrates his 2 year anniversary. This guy knows how to prioritize and maintain a work-life balance. Always ready to work, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. He holds the record for working hours – 220-240 hours in a month! A true titan! Besides work, he manages to spend time with his girlfriend, practice boxing, take care of his beloved BMW 4, engage in photography, and cryptocurrency trading. He is full of energy, time management skills, and talent.

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4 June 2024

We currently have only 3 available workspaces left in our Tallinn office (T1). Act quickly to secure your spot before they're all taken! 😉

Are we planning to expand the office?
Yes, we are planning to expand, but it will take some time to complete the preparations.

For more information about open positions and opportunities, please contact us at With just three workspaces remaining in T1 and the expansion plans in the works, it's a great time to join our team.

If you are from Ukraine, we are pleased to inform you that we have five offices in Kyiv. We look forward to seeing you in one of our Kyiv offices and welcoming you to our growing team.

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27 May 2024

2 years of collaboration with the frontend developer. An employee who started with an active development pace and has maintained it ever since. You can’t keep up with him! All his performance reviews were deservedly the highest. A young but very ambitious guy, an active participant in the PRO-bonus program (an opportunity to show proactivity and earn up to $4K a month). It’s simple: when an employee is ready to invest time and effort in developing his skills, the company fully supports him. All the conditions for career and financial growth are there: come and take them! This guy took advantage of this strategy.

It’s nice to look back, remember how each started, and realize how much work has been done and how much has been invested in the guys’ growth. However, there is still room for improvement, so in conclusion, we wish the guys not to lose their grip. is actively working on expanding the team, and there are open positions. To discuss current open positions , contact our HR at, and they will provide the details.

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20 May 2024

The team at is well-prepared for extreme situations, whether in the office or when necessity arises to temporarily allow some of our team to work from home.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, we have purchased Bluetti 268Wh 600W (EB3A) units for the office and individual workplace use to ensure teams can continue working under any conditions. Additionally, each office is equipped with backup lighting, routers, and internet providers with constant power supply from EcoFlow Delta MAX/PRO systems. As further backup, we have StarLink satellite internet, generators, and a reserve of fuel.

We plan ahead and strive to manage risks to ensure service stability for our clients and support our dedicated teams. This proactive approach is not just empty talk but the foundation of our corporate culture. It is synonymous with stability and serves as the best remedy against ASAPs and emergencies. Every employee knows that work always continues seamlessly, regardless of whether there is electricity in the city or not.

In our offices, there are available workstations and several open vacancies. For more details, please contact us at Join us and be a part of a resilient and forward-thinking team.

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14 May 2024

Over the weekend, our team visited a local animal shelter. Representing our company and our client, M.R., we donated over $1,000 worth of essential medications, food, and toys.

The day was packed with activities, including playing with dogs, cuddling cats, and providing care for each animal. Despite their past challenges, the animals were always eager for attention and expressed their gratitude warmly.

Our time at the shelter not only offered practical assistance but also deepened our understanding and connection with the animals, inspiring us to incorporate care and kindness into every action.

We are thankful for the opportunity to support this amazing shelter and appreciate our team's involvement in this initiative.

Those interested in joining our efforts are encouraged to contact for information on available positions.

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8 May 2024

At, we are excited to celebrate the work anniversaries of three team members: one Fullstack Developer has been with us for four years, while a Frontend Developer and another Fullstack Developer are marking their first year.

During their time here, these employees have worked on a variety of projects, using different technologies and tackling numerous challenges amassing a wealth of experience. One of the main keys to success was our emphasis on teamwork.

In the hiring process, we prioritize finding individuals who can integrate well with our team for the long haul. The team has a direct say in selecting new specialists helping to maintain a collaborative and friendly work environment. Celebrating these anniversaries highlights the success of our strategy.

We want to thank these team members for their dedication to continual learning, guiding newer employees, and enhancing our company’s capabilities. Their hard work allows to take on a broad spectrum of projects, from simple to highly complex ones. We are eager to see their continued professional and personal growth and hope they find joy and fulfillment in their projects every day.

We are currently looking to fill several positions and invite those interested in stable, long-term careers and ongoing professional development to reach out to to learn more about these opportunities.

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1 May 2024

Today we want to tell you about what awaits you when you join our team.

The main goal of the internship is to master the company's regulations, learn how to effectively work in a team, and acquire practical skills. This is the minimum set of basic knowledge required to start in a real project.

We create the most comfortable working conditions. The office design is in the Loft style. High-quality ventilation. Working on top hardware, comfortable chairs, and much more. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary.

The internship begins with preparing your workspace. From day one with us, you get everything you need for the internship: MacBook Pro (trainee version), 4K monitor, Apple keyboard and mouse, and other devices needed for comfortable work. After successfully completing the internship, you will be provided with a working MacBook Pro.

After preparing the workspace, you start working on the internship plan. For each position, we have developed a full-fledged program, including both theoretical and practical parts. The team responsible for your training monitors your progress and evaluates the quality of your work.

Result of our strategy is evident: we have a cohesive team, in which many employees have been working for many years. We regularly celebrate their work anniversaries — whether it's three, seven, nine, or even fourteen years. This is perhaps the best feedback for the company.

We invite interested candidates for long-term and fruitful cooperation. By sending your resume to the email, you will receive information about active vacancies from our HR department.

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24 April 2024

This week, 3 employees celebrate their work anniversaries at

  • - 2 years of work as a Frontend Dev
  • - 1 year as a Backend Dev
  • - 1 year as a Frontend Dev

During this time, the guys have managed to seamlessly integrate into the team, master the company regulations and best practices of web development. Moreover, they all successfully continue their development according to PDP within the framework of their current projects. Each of them has shown the ability to listen and act upon the knowledge from experienced colleagues, thanks to which working with them is always a pleasure.

We wish you continued strength and perseverance. While every success story is unique, the road to your goals takes dedication. We're excited to see you tackle the diverse challenges ahead and grow with us!

We have open vacancies for QA engineer and IT Sales Manager. We invite applicants interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation to contact us at and our HR will provide the necessary information.

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18 April 2024

We've added a new entry to our team's merch lineup – branded eco-friendly cold drink cups! It's a great way to gear up for the summer season.

We're constantly expanding our merchandise range, and these eco-cups are a fantastic addition. Not only will they help you stay refreshed in hot weather, but they also demonstrate your commitment to the environment. These cups are perfect for use in the office or at home, and they make a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Additionally, we'd like to announce that is currently seeking a QA engineer and an IT Sales manager. To learn more about these exciting opportunities, please send your resume to

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8 April 2024

5 years ago, a Node.js Backend Developer joined our team. At first, things were not easy: there were mistakes, and there was a lot to learn, but with hard work and self-discipline, success followed.

During one project, our developer's natural leadership and client communication skills shone through. With focused development through PDP these talents flourished. First Backend Developer grew to PM Assistant, and after some time, he was already independently leading projects as Lead PM – marking a remarkable 5-year company anniversary! He now leads promising PMs and PM Assistants, sharing his knowledge and fostering their growth.

Beyond this inspiring career trajectory, he maintains an active lifestyle – skiing in winter and playing football in summer. An unusual passion for American cars adds a unique dimension – 3D design, repair, and investments. It's a testament to his skill that he balances all this with the demanding role of a PM, always alert and responsive to client needs.

We wish him continued proactivity and the drive to improve! May he always find the time, desire, and opportunity to bring his ambitious plans to life.

If you're eager to work with technical PMs and learn from the best, send your resume to Our HR team will gladly share details about our open positions.

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4 April 2024

This weekend, our team visited a local dog shelter. On behalf of the client M.R. and, we purchased $1000 worth of supplies that dogs desperately needed. We collected the supplies at the office for several weeks, and then the team personally visited the dogs. In addition to the gifts, we also spent time with them, which is just as important.

Just look at the photos to see the joy in the dogs' eyes from all the attention. Our team had the opportunity to bond with animals and do a good deed at the same time. In return, everyone got a boost of positivity and realised how great it is to help those who can’t help themselves and need us.

It's nice when our work makes the world a better place for all its inhabitants. In addition to professional skills, personal qualities are no less important. Such a simple act as caring for animals shows what kind of people work with you.

If you want to join a team of people with big hearts, send your resume to

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25 March 2024

In March of last year, we welcomed three talented individuals to our team: a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a QA specialist. They quickly acclimated to our workflow during their internship, demonstrating dedication and a drive to learn.

After completing their internship and joining the projects, their training continued within the framework of the PDP (Personal Development Plan). During working hours, they were getting acquainted with their projects, and in their free time they worked on the PDP, which includes practical and theoretical tasks.

Today, we're proud to say their hard work and commitment to the PDP have paid off. They are now valued team members, continually expanding their skills.

There is a lot of work and interesting projects ahead of us. We wish them continued joy in their creative work and the satisfaction of seeing their contributions come to life.

For those seeking new opportunities and willing to invest in their growth, we have open vacancies. Contact our HR department at to learn more.

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18 March 2024

The team is made up of die-hard Avengers fans. Some of us crack up at Deadpool's jokes, while others admire the monster-hunting prowess of the Witcher. Our offices are designed to inspire heroic work, and you'll never be bored on a break. In fact, our IT team performs daily feats – battling bugs, optimizing costs, and ensuring top-notch products!

Everyone has different tastes, but what unites the team is a shared passion for growth and impact – both in word and deed. Want to work alongside Iron Man or Batman? That's up to you! Each employee is equipped with everything they need for success, including branded merch for a sense of team spirit.

Recently, we added keychains to our collection – a small reminder that is a tight-knit team with a shared mission. The world does not stand still, and we do not stop at what has been achieved. We are preparing for a new stage of company scaling, so we will soon share good news again.

If you thrive in a dynamic environment, we invite you to send your resume to

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11 March 2024

This week begins with a delightful celebration – our full-time English teacher's 6th work anniversary! Her contribution to the development of's expertise goes far beyond what meets the eye. Since all our clients are international and project documentation is in English, language proficiency (at least in understanding and reading) is a must for every employee.

Some job seekers join our company with a basic level of English. Our teacher dynamically assists them in raising that skill to a more advanced level. The task remains challenging, but with a goal and determination, anything is possible.

Groups for regular classes are formed in pairs, based on each employee's skill level. This ensures everyone receives ample attention and time to practice their English.

We often say that English lessons feel like a mix of therapy and friendly coffee chats. Our teacher excels at creating a welcoming atmosphere and finding a unique approach for each student. Discussions on diverse work and life topics build communication skills and vocabulary – you never know who you'll meet or what you'll need to talk about in English!

We wish our teacher continued inspiration and joy in her work. You are doing an amazing job helping dozens of young people develop one of the most essential skills in today's world. Keep shining, and may everything in your life be "Very good"!

All employees at have the opportunity to improve their English. To join this group of fortunate individuals, send your resume to

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8 March 2024

The birds are singing outside our offices, the air smells like flowers, which means it's time to congratulate the girls on the holiday of spring and beauty!

We're proud to see the number of women in IT roles at grow significantly. This reflects our belief that talent and ability know no gender, and we reject outdated stereotypes about capabilities.The girls in the team prove every day that they are capable of things that not all guys can do. The team maintains healthy professional relationships, where personal boundaries and the unique skills of each member of our team are important, not stereotypes of "female" and "male" roles. With this approach, everyone can reach their full potential on an equal footing.

Our beautiful team members are dynamic, driven individuals who excel in their roles – they're advancing their skills according to PDP, taking on leadership challenges, and managing complex projects. At the same time, they find time to be beautiful, keep up their femininity, create a comfortable atmosphere in our offices and set a cheerful team spirit, for which the whole team is grateful.

May every day of the year be filled with bright impressions, may your wildest dreams come true, and on March 8th may you be presented not only with a bouquet of tulips, but also with many new opportunities for success in your career and personal growth.

If you're passionate about a career with a company that values your potential, we invite you to explore our open positions. Send your resume to

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4 March 2024

We are congratulating the PM with 3 year anniversary of working with us. Let's go through a short success story together.

The first year of work in the company can be called a year of trial, error and learning. Joining us with 7 years of leadership in heavy metallurgy, our PM embraced the challenge of a new industry. He was used to responsibility and discipline. However, following the principle "Don't invent your own rules until you learn to play by the rules" he had to learn and explain a lot from the PM regulations. On average, it takes 6-12 months to raise (grow) a good PM. While the first year held some setbacks with three failed projects, they gave a lot of valuable lessons and personal growth.

The second year in the company coincided with the beginning of the war. It should be noted here that the PM began to listen to and follow the instructions of the company's management. He strictly followed the PM regulations and preached to other guys to follow the organizational and technical regulations. As part of the PDP (Personal Development Plan), they expanded their technical knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and server configuration. This is an integral part of the PM job to understand what is happening "under the hood" at the developer level. The second year ended productively. I would also like to note separately that he was working under the Lead PM, who has been in the company for 10 years.

Third year of work. As part of the PDP, the PM received basic knowledge in UI/UX, working with GA4 statistics, working with A/B tests and extensive knowledge on increasing the CR of the project. In the middle of the year, he independently started to lead one project and the second one under the subordination of the Lead PM (5th year of work in the company). By the end of the year, he independently leads two large projects. He is responsible for internal regulation knowledge checks for people in the company. He takes on organizational tasks that are difficult for other PMs (discipline in offices, letting people go, discussion of complex organizational issues).

We're invested in our PM's development, aiming for their transition into a Lead PM role. In a year we will come back to him... let's see what he has achieved.

If you want to get into the hands of experienced specialists, get deep knowledge in IT - come to us, we will teach you. You can send your resume to

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26 February 2024

Four years ago, a front-end developer joined our team with a great desire to grow and develop. The company was happy to help and provide a wide range of growth opportunities within the framework of the PDP (Personal Development Plan) which is built individually for each employee of the company, depending on their strengths and weaknesses in soft or hard skills.

Thanks to his perseverance, discipline, and desire to grow, he was able to overcome all obstacles, achieve impressive results within the PDP, and confidently take the position of a full-stack developer. When we heard about his desire to work in our new office in Tallinn, we gladly supported his relocation. This team member brought not only his exceptional skills but also the collaborative spirit that defines to Tallinn office.

Four years of dedicated and meticulous work is a remarkable achievement! We wish you continued success, filled with stimulating projects and exciting opportunities for professional growth. May your journey be filled with joy and fulfillment. Thank you for your commitment and contributions to our team.

For all job seekers looking for work in Tallinn, we currently have job openings. You can contact our HR department and clarify the details of open vacancies by writing to

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20 February 2024

"A friend of mine who works for your company recommended you to me." This is one of those nice phrases that we often hear from job seekers. And for good reason! When you join us, you will immediately receive a detailed tutorial in the form of regulations that describe the entire work process in detail. This helps you get up to speed quickly, simplifies the onboarding process, and allows you to focus on the technical aspects of the job.

The PDP (Personal Development Plan), developed by experienced colleagues with your input, includes practical tasks and theoretical study. Completing PDP is challenging and requires time, but it effectively increases the level of expertise, which provides grounds for a review of salary.

Our thoughtfully designed offices blend comfort and collaboration. High-quality equipment, ample amenities, and a supportive team culture ensure a positive and productive work environment.

If you are looking for a job, share the values of development and recognise the importance of expertise, we invite you to a dialogue. You can contact our HR department and clarify the details of open vacancies by writing to

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12 February 2024

Today we want to share joyful news with you - our QA specialist is celebrating 3 years of work with us!

Over these 3 years, our colleague has proven to himself and the entire team: when there is a goal - there are no obstacles, only actions and a desire to conquer heights along the way. In turn, our company always supports those who strive to become better.

He has grown before our eyes, traversing the path from just a QA specialist to a confident Automation QA engineer, which we are proud of, because when an employee develops, so does the company.

For everyone who shares the values of continuous development and learning with us, who is ready to work on interesting and technically challenging projects together, we are pleased to announce that our company is in the midst of expanding its team. We are looking for talents!

You can contact our HR department and clarify the details of open positions by emailing

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5 February 2024

We are happy to share some good news. A new page dedicated to our company's merch has appeared on our website - Merchandise

On it you will see our various merch, from pens to cozy sweatshirts, created to make being part of the team is even more enjoyable. What makes our merch truly cool is the close attention we pay to design and quality.

Why invest in branded products, you ask? Well, there's more to it than just putting our logo on a pen or mug. It's about creating a tangible connection between our team members and the company. From the first day of internship our soon to be colleagues are met with a warm welcome in the form of branded products. It all starts with essentials like a signature mug and pen, and from there their collection gradually expands to cover the full range of our offerings.

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29 January 2024

And some latest news from We are pleased to announce that our technical fleet has been replenished with new MacBook Pro 14 and 16, equipped with efficient M1 Pro processors. This move is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing superior services and products to our valued clients.

We understand that the hardware our team uses directly impacts the quality of services we provide. That's why we always prioritize staying on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring our employees have the best resources to succeed in their fields. MacBook Pro 14 and 16 with the M1 Pro represent a step forward in performance, efficiency and innovation.

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23 January 2024

New page. We are excited to announce the launch of a new page on our website for our logo and brand identity.

Now, all those who are intrigued by the meaning behind our logo can dive in and explore its intricacies. We also have gone the extra mile to showcase various options for using our logo in our corporate style throughout every aspect of our company's journey.

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15 January 2024

14 years ( ! ) our Lead Designer is celebrating anniversary of working in our company. 14 years with our team has been a truly impressive journey, full of creativity, innovation and incredible achievements. We are proud to call him ‘old' employe of our team. His dedicated service to the company is not just work experience, but a whole period of development, transformation and search for the best solutions for our clients.

Participation in many projects within the company speaks volumes about his outstanding professional expertise. Our Lead Deaz is not only a professional designer, but also a mentor, passing on your experience and inspiring new talented specialists. His hard work, passion for design, and desire to improve inspire us every day. We are grateful dedication and creative contributions to the success of our company.

Happy professional anniversary! Let these 14 years be just the beginning of an even brighter and more successful career. We are confident that new creative heights and interesting projects lie ahead. Congratulations on this magnificent achievement!

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10 January 2024

Reflecting on the results of the New Year holidays we remember not only about joys and fun, but also about those who are not able to take care of themselves.

This year we are especially proud that our company has once again become part of a charitable history filled with care and attention to the wellbeing of our furry little friends - animals. This is not the first time we have supported animal shelters, providing not only the necessary medicine, but also food, as well as various accessories that facilitate the comfort of our beloved four-legged friends. The welfare of homeless animals is a shared responsibility, and we find gratification in being able to enhance their lives, even if only in small ways.

This year, our client (M.R.), a man with a big heart and a deep sense of responsibility to society, joined our philanthropic efforts. In such difficult times, he actively supports our country, participating in large-scale charity events and sending various medical and other assistance to those in need.

This time, thanks to M.R., we were able to provide significant assistance to those who cannot ask for help for themselves, but deeply feel the impact of our assistance. Together we create bright stories of charity, reminding us that each of us can spread kindness and care around us.

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2 January 2024

On these New Year's days, our company has additional reasons for celebration! We extend our heartfelt congratulations to three remarkable individuals who have successfully completed their first year with us.

This past year presented them with numerous challenges, opportunities for acquiring new knowledge, and important achievements. At the beginning of their journey with our company, they overcame the internship, discovering many new aspects of their profession. Today, we proudly say that they have seamlessly integrated into our team, actively contributing to the company's progress and contributing to its success.

As our colleagues embark on the next phase of their professional journey, we wish them continued achievements and new heights in their respective fields. May this initial year of collaboration serve as a foundation for their future success, growth, and advancement. Let every day bring joy from creativity and satisfaction from their work life.

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22 December 2023

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! We're excited to share some updates with you.

Gaika, our feline colleague, will be celebrating her one-year anniversary in December, marking a year of residing and "working" in the K1 office (our first Kyiv office). Gaika stands out as one of our top guys, practically making the office her home. She diligently attends all meetings, maintains order, and, at times, it feels as though visitors are stepping into her domain, with her assuming the role of the house's master. Gaika follows her own schedule: playful mornings with girls in the team, daytime naps on a bar stool, and the CEO ensures she gets treats before wrapping up the day. On weekends, a member of the team always drops by for a visit.

In line with the festive spirit, we've unveiled a fresh batch of Christmas holiday stickers that people are enthusiastically using everywhere! The popularity of our stickers is heartening, and we're committed to creating more sets in the upcoming year.

As we approach the holiday season, please note that from December 25, 2023, to January 1, 2024, our company will be on a Christmas and New Year holiday break. We'll be back on January 2, energized and ready to continue delivering top-notch service to our clients. After all, that's why the company exists—to ensure our clients are satisfied with the results obtained. Results with the required quality and on time.

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18 December 2023

Today we will share the news that a new inverter generator and EcoFlow Delta PRO have been installed in one of our offices, namely K2.

What does this mean for us and our clients? These powerful and reliable devices are designed to provide power even in the event of a power outage or emergency. Equipping all offices with backup power is not just a strategy, it is a guarantee of your comfort and safety.

And the best strategy is preparation! With such equipment, we are ready for various challenges, and our clients and guys will not have to worry about possible interruptions in work or life. After all, in a world of change, it is better to be one step ahead, and we have already implemented this step-by-step strategy.

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11 December 2023

The magic of Christmas is approaching, and our incredible clients, just like real Santa Clauses, have already begun to delight us with New Year's surprises!

This holiday season is a great time to take a moment and express gratitude. We thank you for your inspiring projects, for your teamwork, and for the trust you place in our company. Your support is an invaluable gift to us, and we strive to live up to it to the fullest. We are proud that we continue to maintain our brand and increase the level of our expertise and professionalism.

We look forward to our joint plans and challenges in the coming year! Once again, thank you so much for your faith in us and our cooperation. Let's continue to create miracles together!

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5 December 2023

Today, we're excited to share a significant and joyful moment in our team – the celebration of our Lead Project Manager's nine-year anniversary in our company!

Over this span, our long-time guy has evolved from a talented developer into an inspiring leader, overseeing a team of PMs. Not only a seasoned project manager capable of handling complex tasks, but our Lead PM is also a genuine team leader. This year, he successfully led a team of 26 individuals, achieving impressive results that continue to satisfy clients with top-notch quality and professionalism.

Beyond professional accomplishments, it's crucial to highlight our Lead PM's exceptional human qualities. Empathy and concern for colleagues are integral to his character, translating from mere words to a way of life. Always ready to listen, support, and assist, he embodies not just leadership but also upholds cherished traditions in our office.

We express our gratitude for nine years of dedicated service and contribution to the company. We wish our Lead PM continued success in his career, filled with exciting projects and joyful moments at work. Thank you for strengthening our team and fostering a friendly atmosphere!

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27 November 2023

Embracing Winter in Style: Warm Offices and New T-Shirts!

As the crisp winter breeze begins to weave its way through the city streets and the festive spirit settles in, our offices are ready for a season of warmth. We believe that the approaching cold weather should never dampen the spirits of our hardworking team.

That's why we've decided to please the guys with our brand-new T-shirts, featuring a daring design that reflects the innovative and dynamic spirit of our team. These T-shirts are not just work attire; they are ideal for both a casual walk and for meeting with friends.

So, as the winter season approaches, our team is ready to defy the chill. With warm offices, bold T-shirts, and a festive spirit that permeates every corner, we're not just weathering the winter – we're embracing it in style!

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21 November 2023

Read—therein lies the strength. No GPT chat can give you as much as a "conversation" with a good author during the process of working on their book.

In our company, in addition to the PDP (Personal Development Plan), there is also mandatory reading of books. Our electronic library, plus audiobooks, comprises more than 150 books. Some of the essential books are also available in the office. The books cover various topics, with three mandatory books for all guys. After that, the Project Manager recommends reading more specialized literature. The books cover areas such as business analysis, marketing, sales, negotiation, management, and customer relations. For example, the HR manager reads a book on PHP 8, Project Manager reads a book on sales, and Office Manager reads books on management. This approach allows for broadening horizons, expanding knowledge boundaries (both hard and soft skills), and providing guys with the opportunity to relax while gaining insights into the challenges or advantages of other professional domains. Guys are encouraged to reflect on the lessons learned and apply them to their work.

All guys write reports on the chapters they read every day. Each person reads one chapter per day, taking no more than 7-15 minutes. Afterward, it is mandatory to write a report on what was read. The report format depends on the book the guy is working on. For example, if it's a book on sales, the report should briefly cover the chapter's content and how the information can be applied to work, perhaps as soon as the next day. For technical books, guys should write about what was studied, tested, and where the knowledge can be applied.

If it's a book like "Will" by Will Smith, the report may look like this:
- Book: "Will"
- Chapter 10: "Alchemy"
- I admit that the concept of the universe as a deity resonates with me. I consider myself an atheist, but when I reflect on my journey, the series of events and coincidences—can it all be just random? Of course, it can, but it's easier for a person to live believing in some purpose. I don't reject the idea that it can give me strength. I remember how I joined, broke and in an unfamiliar city, Bila Tserkva. In those early months of business struggles, everyone needed a job. I found a vacancy, took the test, even though I thought the competition was tough, with experienced people who would surpass me. But I just moved my stone. The concept of the universe aligns with me, but it doesn't provide a finished product; it gives chances. I need to make an effort, focus on goals, and achieve results. It doesn't hand out success; it needs to be earned.

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14 November 2023

This week, our company is delighted to commemorate several joyful and significant events tied to the work anniversaries of our valued guys. Congratulations to the teams at two Kyiv offices (K2 and K5_3): QA (3 years), Backend (2 years), and Frontend (1 year). Each individual has navigated a unique path, attaining personal victories and accumulating valuable experience in their respective fields. While acknowledging these achievements, we encourage everyone to maintain the momentum.

Let your professional enthusiasm be boundless, and may your eagerness to acquire new knowledge and apply it in practice never wane. We extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success, job satisfaction, financial growth, and, undoubtedly, an everlasting wellspring of inspiration! May every workday bring you joy in your endeavors. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our shared endeavors, and may only bright prospects and new triumphs await you in the future!

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8 November 2023

Happy 18th birthday to you,!

Since the first day of the company, we always had a desire to make complex, custom and non-standard solutions. To work with understanding clients who are ready to work with us and pay for the company's services. It's always difficult, but isn't it interesting?! If it would have been simple, everyone would have gotten bored of it long ago.

We thank each other for trying, learning new things and growing. Some of us are already teaching and helping others while still diligently reaching for new heights of knowledge.

Our company survived the hard years of 2008, 2014 and 2022 thanks to the principle of stability: smooth growth, always stable salaries and personal growth within the team. grows, but our core pillars remain unchanged:

  • - Our goal: Every one-two days our clients receive complete functional blocks. Our clients receive the project exactly according to the PRD
  • - Our mission: To deliver projects on time with required quality

Thank you to each and every one of you! After all, the company is the guys (and girls) who work in it. Once again, thank you everyone for your work and keep going!

P.S. Thank you everyone for self organizing a wonderful gift for ourselves - massage chair for one of our offices.

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7 November 2023

Our designers have unleashed a fresh series of fantastic stickers. Showcasing none other than our beloved office mascot, our cat Gaika! (in honor of the localized version of Gadget Hackwrench, from “Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers”)

Gaika, our office cat, is the heart and soul of our team. She is a permanent participant of all our meetings, conducting her daily inspections of all office premises and keeping order. She knows that by the end of the day there’s always a tasty treat from CEO waiting for her. During lunch break she has her scheduled play sessions with QA girls and on weekends she can always expect a lot of guests who come to feed and play with her. She always sends off the last person leaving the office and checks if he turned off all the lights and equipment :)

These stickers capture hilarious moments from her everyday adventures in the office, mirroring the unique experiences we all share in our workplace. They don't just adorn our team's gadgets and gear; they infuse a dose of humor and individuality into their work accessories.

Our trusty mascot is all geared up for more office escapades and hard work, serving as our lucky charm. Join us in celebrating the quirky spirit of our team and the essence of individuality with our new stickers! 😸💼

Gaika is the living soul of the K1 office and team as a whole.

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30 October 2023

Recently we celebrated a special day for our company and our colleagues in T1. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the opening of this office, but time has flown by, and now we're marking our colleague's two-year work anniversary here.

Since the day we opened our office in Estonia, he quickly became an essential part of our team. These two years have seen him not only grow professionally but also become an integral member of our team. We want to express our appreciation for his dedication, hard work, and creative problem-solving skills. He doesn't just write code; he crafts user experiences that our customers love.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, for making our projects better, and for inspiring us to reach new heights. We can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for us in the future and the exciting new projects you'll bring to life.

Congratulations on your two-year work anniversary, and may this adventure continue to be long, thrilling, and successful!

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23 October 2023

We're gearing up for the winter season. This month, we've reinvested in our office infrastructure and equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations.

To start, we've acquired a new diesel generator, the Kraft&Dele KD199 (18/19 kW), which will provide continuous power to office K1. While it won't completely cover the office's power requirements (which exceed 32 kW), it will enable us to run all essential equipment, lighting, the kitchen, ventilation, and an electric boiler for office heating. We also have plans for further upgrades to the electrical wiring and electrical panel.

In addition, we're in the process of installing a gasoline generator, the Senci SC17000R (9/10 kW), in office K5_3. We're ensuring a reliable backup power system for this office, allowing us to power essential equipment such as lighting, the kitchen, and an electric boiler for heating. Similar to office K1, we will also be enhancing the electrical infrastructure with upgrades to wiring and the electrical panel.

Lastly, for office K2, where generator installation isn't feasible, we're setting up an EcoFlow Delta PRO (3.6/4 kW) to maintain uninterrupted power supply, mainly for lighting and workstation outlets.

Please note that office K4 was fully equipped for uninterrupted operation last winter with a generator that meets all the office's needs, including the electric boiler. Office K3 enjoys a permanent power supply through a backup city line.

We're ready to face this winter head-on, ensuring that our offices remain functional and comfortable.

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16 October 2023

K5_3 is now open for business! I want to remind you that we had previously leased a spacious new office in K5 (our 5th office in Kyiv). K5 was divided into three sections, and the first section, K5_3, is now fully complete. It boasts everything you need for a comfortable work environment including interior finish in our signature loft style, kitchen, restrooms, air conditioning, ventilation, furniture, and more. Our team has already settled into this fantastic workspace.

K5_3 is equipped and designed for maximum comfort during your workday:
- Water filter with six levels of filtration and reverse osmosis;
- Convenient kitchen equipped with a fridge, microwave, coffee machine offering 13 beverages, a 10-liter kettle, and a variety of breakfast, lunch options, yogurt, fruits, cookies, candies, snacks, soft drinks, and more;
- Neck massager;
- Pull-up bar for a back stretch or occasional pull up;
- Tabletop football for a quick break;
- Air conditioning and ventilation systems;
- Ceiling fans for added comfort and air circulation;
- Automatic UV disinfection lamps;
- Two internet providers and two Wi-Fi networks;
- Two meeting rooms;
- Plus, many other amenities that you'd expect in any of our offices.

Of course, there's still more work to be done, including setting up backup power (generator, EcoFlow, StarLink, backup wiring), adding more interior decor and incorporating additional furniture.

Our team is dedicated to making sure that everyone enjoys a comfortable and productive work environment. Join us at K5_3, where work meets comfort!

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09 October 2023

Today is a day of special congratulations and joy! We are thrilled to celebrate two significant anniversaries within our team simultaneously – those of our highly skilled QA Specialist and our seasoned Backend Developer.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations on this outstanding achievement and express our hopes for your continued development and growth within our company. May your work always be engaging and inspiring, with each workday bringing forth more reasons for joy and pride in your accomplishments.

The progress and development of our guys are pivotal to the future of our company, and we have full confidence that your continued involvement on our team will contribute to our ongoing success and prosperity. We deeply appreciate your unwavering dedication, hard work, and the consistently excellent results you deliver!

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03 October 2023

Rainy autumn is coming, and we decide to take care of the comfort of our incredible guys. And our BDM and designers have prepared something special for our teams! Now our incredible colleagues will receive stylish and comfortable autumn hoodies with a unique company logo.

We believe that every day our guys make a great contribution to the development of the company and we say to them “Thank you”.  With the new warm hoodies, our colleagues will stay in style and comfort.

We always try to make the work environment the best for everyone. It's not just a hoodie, it's a show of our respect and support from our extended team. May this autumn be warm and stylish for all of us!

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25 September 2023

We are pleased to announce a new and important stage in the development of our company - the opening of the fifth office in Kyiv - K5! Despite all external challenges, we continue to actively develop and expand our presence in the market.

So, about K5. Our new office is located in a modern business center, fully completed and decorated to the standards that we have set for all offices of our company. We have made every effort to create a comfortable and convenient work space for our guys. At this stage, we have already designed a ventilation system, purchased furniture, and supplemented the technical park with the necessary equipment. Keeping in mind the upcoming fall and winter, we have also ensured that we have a generator and backup power to keep our office running smoothly, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances. K5 is located in a convenient location with excellent transport links and close to the metro station, which makes it easily accessible to all our guys.

We are proud of this new step in the development of our company and are confident that it will strengthen our position in the market. We look forward to new achievements and great moments that we will experience together!

And we also need more people for our new location, so if you are interested, please write to email:

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19 September 2023

Today we congratulate one of our Project Managers on his 5th anniversary with the company and want to celebrate a truly remarkable journey of development, growth and leadership.

Five years ago, our project manager set out on this journey as a developer interested in new knowledge, experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Over time, he was tasked with leading a dynamic team of people to work on an interesting but challenging project. Today, our project manager not only successfully manages projects, but also serves as an inspiration to his team. And only have they honed their communication and planning skills, but they have also created an environment in which their team members can grow and thrive. Their projects with the guys are a testament to their exceptional teamwork, which has led to numerous successes.

So, let us extend our warmest congratulations to our Project Manager and our gratitude for his unwavering dedication to our organization every day. Well, as a present from the company, our PM received a nice gift: Sony WH-1000XM5. Let his “ears” be pleased with a pleasant sound, the noise reduction will allow him to concentrate on work, but do not forget that he is a PM - we wish him Growth and further development!!!

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11 September 2023

NEW K5! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest office location in Kyiv – K5! Situated at Slavutich metro station, this spacious office is primed to accommodate up to 45 team members and is divided into three distinctive sections. Currently, we're hard at work on the K5_3 section, tailored for 15 team members.

K5 embodies our signature corporate style, featuring:
- Loft Aesthetic: The industrial charm of concrete and glass creates a unique and inspiring atmosphere.
Improved Climate Control: Our upgraded air conditioning and ventilation systems ensure year-round comfort.
- Fully-Equipped Kitchen: Enjoy the convenience of a well-stocked kitchen equipped with a coffee machine, water filter, 10-liter kettle, refrigerator, microwave, and ample storage.
- Social Hub: Connect with colleagues at our stylish bar counter with seating for six. Additionally, we've included recreational amenities like a horizontal bar, table football, and cozy seating areas for relaxation.
- Enhanced Security: We prioritize your safety with an electronic pass system.
- All the Bells and Whistles: Expect the same perks and surprises you love from our other offices, including Ajax security system and various other delightful features.

Stay tuned as we continue to make progress at our NEW K5 office! We'll be sharing regular updates and more details about this exciting space.

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04 September 2023

Once again we have a reason to congratulate our incredible team members. But today we are happy to congratulate not one or two, but six guys who, together with us, have reached the first and important stage in their career - the first year of work in the company!

The past year has been a year of growth, transformation and achievement for these six amazing guys. They joined us as interns eager to learn and contribute, and today they are full members of our company.
During this time, they have not only embraced the values and culture of our company, but also acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their fields. What sets these guys apart is their commitment to continuous learning and improvement. With individual development plans tailored to their needs and demands, they are steadily progressing along their chosen career path. This commitment to personal growth not only benefits them, but also uplifts the entire team, creating an atmosphere of innovation and progress.

We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and the growth of these six guys is a testament to that belief. We congratulate them once again and wish them further development, achievement of the desired results and maximum satisfaction from their work!

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28 August 2023

Today we are happy to share a sweet moment that highlights the care and unity that define our team.

Our new merch-branded umbrellas with the company logo are a small element of caring for guys in anticipation of the coming autumn. These umbrellas are more than just practical accessories, they symbolize each other's support and our commitment to solving any problems that come our way, both individually and as a company.

Like the strong and reliable shelter that an umbrella provides, our team members are the backbone that keeps the Company on top. Diligence, dedication and commitment of the team is a solid basis for the development of the company day by day.
So, whether it's protecting you from a sudden downpour or tackling tough challenges, these umbrellas remind us that together we can overcome anything.

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21 August 2023

We are very proud to congratulate our QA specialist on achieving a significant milestone in 4 years of work in our company!

It is always a pleasure to watch the professional and personal growth of a person, and the ability to turn difficulties into opportunities is always a very good incentive and example for the rest of the guys in the team. And since, in addition to professional achievements during this time, our guy bought a car for herself and is a real car enthusiast from the company, she was presented with a nice gift: a set of front brake discs with perforation and PowerStop notches, along with PowerStop carbon-ceramic pads. Let them please you and ensure safety on the road. Of course we wish you further improving your skills and development as a QA specialist.

May the next chapter of your career be filled with exciting opportunities, constant learning and new horizons. Keep taking on challenges because they are the path to growth.

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15 August 2023

This year there were around 5000 attendees at the iForum 2023 conference (Kyiv, August 10). It's been a long time, a very long time, since such events were held in Ukraine. Honestly, at times, we even lacked such conferences in peaceful and healthy times. You come and see that your company is not alone in the IT field. You witness and hear how many companies and their guys face everyday challenges. At iForum, everyone shares their experiences in solving various work challenges. Such emotions help propel us forward.

Usually, I'd like to talk about the presentations and the major global companies that were represented. But this time, I just want to say a huge thank you for the event itself. For the opportunity to feel alive at a large-scale offline gathering. It doesn't matter at all what the presentations and topics were. What matters is that people came and held this wonderful event in the current times.

Of course, we heard many interesting insights that can be applied to work and self-development in the IT field. We are truly thankful to everyone who organized this event and to for providing the opportunity to attend and enjoy the atmosphere.

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07 August 2023

Rarely do you receive such uplifting words from guys. These words serve as motivation to persevere through all the challenges: losses, expenses, difficulties, and fatigue. Despite the adversities, we continue to move forward, drawing strength from every step. This journey offers opportunities for growth, learning, and improvement. Our progress is fueled by the dedication of our team, who work on themselves, demonstrating what's achievable under strong leadership, discipline, and adherence to regulations. Brick by brick, line by line, project by project, we march ahead with willpower, energy, and enthusiasm.


“This month I celebrated my anniversary with the company. And for a whole month, I thought about what to write. I decided to focus on personal growth. During this time, I became a completely different person, a better version of myself. I became stronger, tougher, more resilient.

I revised my values and found new ones. I clearly understand what I want from life. For the first time, I want to brag about my work to friends, although not everyone will understand why it's so cool. It was an interesting and complex transformation.

I would like to thank you for seeing how you can conduct your business, what real development is. I definitely feel that my ambitions have also grown and the maximum that I can achieve has become much greater, it is worth a lot. I saved, well, 5 years in the context of understanding how the world works.

Well, I would also like to emphasize that my life has become much more comfortable and interesting. Before I started working at, it was a problem for me to get a subscription somewhere, buy a book, or some kind of course, all this is money. My workplace was not the best and most comfortable.

Now I live a completely different life with a lot of opportunities. I don't want to stop there, it will only get better, but I know how to appreciate what I have and know how to be grateful for it, so thank you for your contribution to my life.”

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31 July 2023

Let's brighten up your working days with bright colors!

Today we want to share a small, but pleasant rule, that we have in our company's regulations. As a token of appreciation for the outstanding work of our female team members, we are offering them the opportunity to enjoy a manicure featuring our company logo—all expenses covered by the company!

This wonderful perk not only allows our girls to proudly represent our company at the office but also wherever they go. It's a fantastic way to showcase our company's spirit and the incredible team that drives its success.
At our company, we believe that the little things can make a big difference. We want to show our gratitude and pamper our female guys who play an essential role in making our workplace so special.

Let's continue to remember that our company's success is the result of our collective efforts, and each one of you plays a critical role in making it all happen. So, let's wear our logo proudly and continue building an inspiring and dynamic workplace together.

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24 July 2023

We're excited to share that those who've been following our page already know about our beloved pet cat, Gadget Hackwrench, who has made one of our Kyiv offices her cozy home. All the guys love and take care of her, and the cat is also a bit of a “rescue ranger”, bringing heaps of joy and positivity to our work environment just like the spirited heroine from "Chip and Dale".

Recently, our creative designer had an absolutely delightful idea to inject some extra fun into our corporate merch. The result? Adorable and hilarious Gadget Hackwrench stickers that perfectly capture her wide range of emotions and antics as a "real guy"!

We've distributed these stickers to all the members of our team. It's heartwarming to see everyone decorating their work gadgets with these cute stickers, spreading smiles wherever they go!

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17 July 2023

In today's fast-paced business world, where technological advances and market dynamics are constantly evolving, it is essential for guys to constantly improve their skills and stay ahead of the curve. There are many ways to grow professionally, one of the best and most effective ways is to read books. Working with literature not only expands knowledge, but also develops the necessary business skills that can help guys reach new heights.

Therefore, our company has its own library, which for several years has collected a large number of books for the professional and personal development of guys. Upon joining our team, an guy is required to read several books, and they also have the freedom to choose the ones that are most relevant to their needs. We read books thoroughly, conducting detailed analysis and evaluation. Each person then writes a report summarizing their reading and provides ideas on how the concepts and insights from the books can be applied in practice. This process provides a highly valuable and practical experience for our guys.

Thanks to reading and discussing books, guys' horizons expand, communication skills increase, critical thinking develops, and emotional intelligence improves. Cultivating a habit of reading enables guys to navigate change, identify more opportunities, and maintain relevance and expertise in their respective industries.

We invite those who think in a similar direction to our team. You can find out all the details by writing to us by email:

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10 July 2023

Let's start the new week with positive news!

For all the guys in our company, we made a purchase that will help relax and relieve stress during the working day. Our first stress ball batch is in the photo! 🌟

You may ask why exactly anti-stress balls? These little toys are designed to relieve tension and reduce stress, making them the perfect addition to our workplace. When you feel the pressure build up, or you need a little break to refocus, simply reach out to one of these colorful balls and squeeze it lightly. You will be amazed at how they can relieve stress and provide instant relief!

We are confident that these anti-stress balls will have a positive impact on our work environment, promoting relaxation, creativity and a healthier work-life balance. This is a small investment that will bring significant benefits to the well-being of our guys and overall job satisfaction.

Remember that happier guys lead to a more harmonious and successful workplace!

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03 July 2023

Today's post is dedicated to the technical topic of UX design. We have a team of 5 talented and professional designers, led by our experienced lead designer with 13 years of experience. Our focus is on delivering top-notch UX solutions that drive high conversion rates and increase project profitability, which our clients greatly appreciate.

User experience (UX) is a crucial factor in project success, and we prioritize customer satisfaction with our UX solutions. We understand that a user-friendly and intuitive interface is key to capturing users' attention, encouraging engagement, and fostering customer loyalty.

Our designers not only create visually stunning interfaces but also possess deep knowledge of user behavior and psychology. They stay updated with the latest design trends and industry best practices, allowing them to create solutions that resonate with our clients' target audience.

While we can't disclose specific details due to NDA agreements, our clients' projects typically involve high traffic, ranging from 5-10 million users per month, with peak loads of up to 65K users per second. These projects often require well thought out localization and consideration of cultural differences, as well as robust control systems for large teams. Furthermore, we develop iOS and Android apps, along with browser extensions.

In summary, we take great pride in our designers' expertise and the impact they have on our clients' businesses. Their experience and dedication set us apart in the industry, and we eagerly anticipate future exciting projects and successes.

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19 June 2023

We are always expanding the assortment of the merch for the team to keep it fresh.

This time we decided to complement our merch with stylish and functional notebooks. High-quality and made of thick paper with a durable binding, the notebook will last a long time and will be useful for both designers for sketches and developers to take notes and draw up a task management plan. Also, guys can choose the A4 or A5 notepad format that is convenient for them. A personal branded notebook will always be an opportunity to be proud and emphasize the uniform style and culture of our company:)

As always, we continue to work and grow further according to the planned course and invite new people to our team, contact us:

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13 June 2023

In the previous post, we talked about our unique work model and approach - Dedicated Team (DT). And now let's take a closer look at a number of advantages that distinguish the DT format from freelance or outstaff:

- High performance. DT works closely, smoothly and coherently, which ensures the effective allocation of team resources and the best time management option.

- Effective project management. The DT is always led by an experienced Project Manager who oversees the progress of the project, ensures efficient allocation of resources, manages risks and liaises with all stakeholders. Their experience in project management ensures effective coordination, mitigates problems, and keeps the project on track.

- High-quality communication and Efficiency. You always have high-quality communication channels with PM, developers, and other team members. PM, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of teammates competently build a project management strategy. And The rapid exchange of ideas contributes to the rapid adoption of effective decisions for your product.

- Collective knowledge. Members of DT already have joint experience of working on several projects, which contributes to more effective cooperation and exchange of expertise. Collective experience and common knowledge helps to find innovative solutions.

- Improved quality control. DT provides a higher level of accountability and responsibility through company regulations. Each team member takes responsibility for their tasks and deliverables, ensuring a more stringent quality control process.

Thus, a dedicated team guarantees Continuity and long-term commitment. A dedicated team ensures continuity throughout the life cycle of the project. Unlike a temporary team assembled to complete a specific project, a dedicated team remains committed to the project from start to finish. This continuity contributes to a deeper understanding of the goals and requirements of the project, contributing to better decision making and smoother project execution. experience, focus, collaboration and efficiency. And collective knowledge, specific skills and shared commitment contribute to better results, quality and productivity.

And we are ready to reveal this topic even more, write to us by mail:

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05 June 2023

Today, we are thrilled to share insights about our highly successful collaboration approach known as the Dedicated Team (DT). Let's delve into the key aspects of this unique working model.

When you choose a Dedicated Team, you gain access to a fully-fledged IT department comprising diverse specialists committed exclusively to your long-term project. Right from the outset, we determine the number of team members, their skill levels, and other factors to tailor the team to your convenience. We establish multiple direct communication channels, connecting you with the project manager, developers, and our CEO, CTO, and CFO.

Team members work in the company's office, observing all company rules and regulations. You can rest easy because the guys work in the company's office under the supervision of a project manager (there are also cameras and electronic passes in the office). The guys are always in touch during business hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 GMT+3), but we also have the practice of Turbo mode in the case of ASAP or on the eve of the deployment for production. You do not need to deal with organizational tasks and project management.

We do not provide outstaffing services, we are a full cycle outsourcing company. We are proud that we can guarantee the quality, timing and stability of work for many years.

So if you are interested in additional information about our work write to us by mail:

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29 May 2023

Some news from our Estonian office in Tallinn. Recently, new guys have been added to our team in Estonia. Now, there are more guys, that means it's time to update and improve the workspace a little to increase comfort and a positive attitude to work.

There is very little time left before the hot summer days and we are actively preparing to meet the heat. To maintain a comfortable climate and balance the temperature in the office, it is planned to install air conditioners. Same as in other offices of our company, the library is regularly replenished with new books and we also regularly buy powerful MacBooks and other gadgets for our fleet of equipment.

By the way, our office in Tallinn is ready to open its doors to new guys. So if you are interested in vacancies and you live or plan to move to Tallinn, write to us by mail:

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22 May 2023

Today we congratulate our colleague Full-stack developer on his 2 years of work in the company. We must admit that for us it is a very pleasant and important indicator when the guys stay in our team for years, making a choice in favor of development, organization and hard work. And we would like to wish our team member the same purposefulness to continue moving towards the set goals, improve their professionalism and receive moral and financial satisfaction from work.

Never stop there and successfully conquer new heights!

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15 May 2023

We are actively preparing for the opening of a new office in Kyiv - K5, that will open the doors for our guys in some time. As well as all offices of the company, K5 will be completed and decorated in a single corporate style. Closed, cozy, comfortable for work and leisure, the office will have a separate kitchen, hot lunch delivery, comfortable workplaces and a relaxation area, comfy meeting room for calls and online meetings.
We will soon show you our new space, but in the meantime, while it is preparing for the opening we are buying equipment, new Macbooks, monitors and all the necessary additional devices to organize a comfortable workplace for our guys.

And if you want to become part of our team, contact us at:

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08 May 2023

Let's start a new labor month and celebrate "International Labor Day" with an important announcement.
In connection with the expansion and development of our company, we invite specialists from several areas at once to be a part of our team in Ukraine and in our Estonian office in Tallinn.

Below is a list of our priority vacancies and the number of places for each of them:

  • 1. QA specialist - 3 open positions (Tallinn and Kyiv location)
  • 2. C++ - 2 open positions (Tallinn and Kyiv location)
  • 3. Sales manager - 2 open positions (remote)
  • 4. PM Assistant - 1 open positions (Kyiv location)
  • 5. PM - 1 open position (Kyiv location)
  • 6. Finance operationist - 1 open position (Kyiv location)
  • 7. Node js - 1 open position (Tallinn and Kyiv location)
  • 8. Backend Developer (PHP) - 2 places open positions (Tallinn and Kyiv location)
  • 9. Front-end Developer - 2 open position (Tallinn and Kyiv location)

Do not miss your chance to get a great job in the near future and write to us by mail:

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01 May 2023

Today we will share with you a small update in our offices. We recently decided to liven up office life a bit and now we have a small corner of the "underwater world" - an aquarium.

Everyone knows that according to psychologists, watching marine life is a great way to relax, relieve tension and emotional exhaustion. However, it turned out that it is also a very useful “tool” for health. The aquarium is an excellent natural air humidifier and it reduces the number of allergens in the room. Scientific research that observing marine life for 15 minutes helps to restore the visual muscles and removes the negative impact of monitors and gadgets on our vision.

So we hope that our new inhabitants will feel good and comfortable with us and we will have a long and mutually beneficial cooperation)

Well, we also invite you to join our team of developers in various areas. To find out more about our vacancies, please email us:

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24 April 2023

This week we congratulate one of our PMs on the 4th anniversary of his work in the company!

We can say with confidence that for our Team Lead it was an active 4 years of gaining experience, working with various projects and organizing the work of guys in teams, promptly searching for the best solutions in various situations and of course achieving high results.

We wish our colleague not to lose responsibility and diligence in the future, to increase his efficiency and expertise, and let his everyday work be dynamic, interesting and fruitful for him.

And of course we wish him to have enough time and opportunity for rest, has time for family and friends and realization of all the cherished desires and plans.

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17 April 2023

Some new and very curent merch for our guys - Company branded insulated cups.

We are always all looking forward to spring and good weather, when we can spend more time outdoors and go for walks. And what could be better on a cool morning than fresh and bracing coffee "to go" on the way to work or hot and aromatic tea during an evening walk? In general, we decided that such a device will definitely appeal to anyone and will be useful to everyone and made no mistake. The guys have already appreciated the new souvenirs from the company and are actively using them.

Well, for those who would like to become part of our team, we remind you that you can write to email:

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10 April 2023

Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating this weekend! We hope you have a fantastic time filled with joy and unforgettable moments.

As nature blooms this spring, may your kind and ambitious endeavors also flourish and grow magnificently. We extend our warmest wishes for happiness and peace, not only during this Easter season but always!

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03 April 2023

One of our team members has welcomed a new addition to their family, a beautiful baby! (We usually jokingly believe that when babies grow up, they will join the ranks of our team.) We extend our warmest wishes for the baby's health and happiness, as well as a bright and exciting childhood filled with laughter and joy under a peaceful sky.

And also we wish parents as many joyful and happy moments together as possible. Let this happy event be another reason for growth, motivation and personal development together to be a worthy example for your child!

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27 March 2023

We are always happy to share good news, and today is the day to do it! We have opened a new office in Kyiv - K4.

K4 is situated on the left bank area of Kyiv, making it exceptionally convenient for guys residing on this side of Dnipro or utilizing the corresponding metro line. Moreover, the office boasts a favorable location in proximity to the metro station and other transportation options, ensuring comfortable commuting for its staff.
Before starting work, the office was freshly renovated, everything necessary for the comfort and efficient work of the team was purchased.

Heating system is autonomous at K4, ensuring a consistent temperature and comfortable microclimate within the premises. To further enhance the reliability of operations, a generator and Starlink were also installed, offering uninterrupted connectivity and power supply during blackouts. As a result, all guys can work with maximum stability and efficiency.

So, K4 is already actively working, and we are moving on to our next plans to expand even more. If you want to join our team, please email:

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20 March 2023

Who works well - rests even better. But seriously, now we have a really cool device in the K1 office - a massage chair. We have always wanted to get something similar for the team, so that everyone can relax physically for a while, slow down a very active pace during the working day and bring a little benefit to their body.

In our offices there are a lot of activities for the team to enjoy in their free time: board games, hoverboard, football table and air hockey which are now even more expanded with the addition of this wonderful “machine” for relaxing and rehabilitating the muscles of the whole body. The chair not only helps to relieve muscle tension from sitting at the desk, but also helps to improve posture, circulation and strengthen the muscular corset.

So we invite our guys to take some time for themselves and their health. And anyone who would like to join our team can send an email to

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13 March 2023

13! This time 13 is a lucky number. And that's all because we congratulate our lead designer on the 13th anniversary of his work in our company. So we really want this year with such a mystical figure to be successful for one of our oldest guys and bring only good things to him.

Our Lead designer has grown up with the company, his expertise, experience and professionalism grew and improved before our eyes. And today we proudly look at the achievements of one of our company members.

First of all, we of course wish him health, energy, creative inspiration, a sense of interest in new projects and cases. Let the work bring moral satisfaction and a decent financial result. Let the desire to remain part of our team and be a good example for new guys does not leave for many years to come!
Move forward!

And if you are interested in joining our company, please email:

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6 March 2023

Today we will continue the story of our new K3 office, which opened on February 13 and has been fully operational for some time now. The team has settled into their new working and creative space, adding their own unique atmosphere while maintaining our unified corporate style.

K3 guys have already the positive aspects and advantages of the new location:

  • - good location and convinient transport interchange
  • - developed infrastructure and a stable situation with electricity in the district
  • - comfortable conditions inside the office and new renovation

During the renovation and equipping of K3, our goal was to create a comfortable, cozy, and productive environment for the entire team. We believe that we have achieved this and plan to continue improving our facilities. In the near future, we will be searching for a new space for our next office in a new location.

There are still free places in K3 for new guys. We invite all willing and interested candidates.
Contact us:

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27 February 2023

Recently, our company had another pleasant occasion for celebration. We congratulate one of our PMs with 2 years of work in our team.

Looking back, it was a really active and fruitful period for him. Adaptation in the team and tacking new knowledge, skills and experience. Various projects, communication with new clients, organizing the work of his team, of course growing responsibility and a whole range of unforeseen circumstances for all of us. And we are very pleased to state that by the end of 2 years our guy has grown significantly and succeeded in all areas of work.

Of course, we wish him new achievements, interesting projects, well-coordinated work in the team and personal satisfaction from the work and its results.

And we also want to wish ourselves such hardworking and motivated guys who are also ready to learn and develop.

By the way, we are open to recruiting new guys to our team.

Send your questions and suggestions by email:

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20 February 2023

Today we will show you a little backstage from our new office (K3 - our third office in Kyiv), which is almost ready for launch and starts working from February 13th. We tried to take every possible detail into consideration to make it fit our standards.

K3 is a 7-minute walk from the Taras Shevchenko metro station and is located in a brand new Business Center (it was built in 2019). Given the realities of today and the difficult situation with power supply the location has an advantage of stable power supply, autonomous boiler room, elevators and a 24-hour security post.

Interior of the office is decorated in a common corporate loft style, like other offices of the company.
The office has done the following:

  • - Loft style walls and ceiling (exposed concrete)
  • - Kitchen (new Krups coffee machine, 10l kettle, 7-stage cleaning filter, refrigerator, microwave are waiting for our guys)
  • - Bar counter for 6 persons
  • - Toilet and shower (This is a bonus for those who like to ride a bike to work for example)
  • - Ventilation (exhaust) of all rooms
  • - Preparation for future supply ventilation
  • - Meeting room for 3 and 6 people
  • - Redundant wiring for PPS EcoFlow
  • - Individual lighting of workplaces (as in all offices)
  • - Casers, Ajax alarm and electronic lock

The first 4 guys will already enter the office on the 13th to launch the office. But in our new space there are still free equipped places.

To join our team, please contact

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14 February 2023

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️❤️❤️

Despite the fact that it is still winter around, this day can be called one of the brightest and warmest days of the year, as it is the “international day of love”

Love is that huge force that can overcome any difficulties, give you super power and great strength, inspire you to wonderful and ambitious achievements, and present you with feelings of happiness and flight. May your beloved and dear person always be with you next to whom your world will be brighter, more colorful and happy.

We wish you to be surrounded with love in all spheres of your life, and let it always be a place and time for real romance of course!

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6 February 2023

Just one glance of our cat says “A cat in gloves catches no mice”. And we completely agree with him. So we are ready to work as hard as possible despite the surrounding circumstances. Of course, we keep the brand, continue working to improve the quality of our product, raise the common spirit and motivate the team. Everyone knows to get a good work result, you need the best, high-quality, progressive and reliable tools.

Therefore, in January we slightly supplemented and updated the office hardware, so we bought:

  • - 7pcs Apple MacBook PRO 14 based on M1 PRO (Late 2022)
  • - 12pcs monitors 4K LG 27UL850
  • - Test devices Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android phones and tablets
  • - All extras needed for +7 fully equipped new workspaces.

But that's not all! Furthermore, in February, a new K4 office will be opened (it's our 4th office in Kyiv).

And we invite new guys to join our team.
Send your applications to

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30 January 2023

Today we will share with you the news and atmosphere from our office in Tallinn. Despite the common perception of Estonia as a calm and steady place, which is associated with calmness, regularity and even some unhurriedness, in our company the team works in “Fast and furious” mode (as evidenced by the office's racing car in the photo).

We are ready to expand our "abz working family" in Estonia and welcome new guys. So, we invite:

  • - Web Designer
  • - QA engineer
  • - Front-end developer

All interested can contact to find out all the details.

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23 January 2023

It's hard to believe that two years have already passed since our colleagues joined our team at To celebrate this milestone, we decided to congratulate both individuals on the same day.

We wanted to make sure that each of them received a special gift that they had been wanting. One received a pair of Xbox wireless headphones and the other received a Krups capsule coffee machine with a capsule test kit. We are thrilled to have them on our team and look forward to many more years of working together. Congratulations to both of you!

At, we place a high value on our team members and strive to cultivate lasting relationships, both within our organization and with our clients. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team, if you are interested contact us on

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16 January 2023

We are excited to announce a new fluffy addition to our team! Although he may still be a junior member, he is already making his presence known with his diligent attendance of all meetings and stand-ups. He can often be found purring approvingly as he lounges beside the speaker. So, everyone is happy to share all their knowledge.

Our office manager found him on a cold winter day warming up under her car in the parking lot outside the office and with the approval of management, we were able to welcome him into our office. We quickly provided all the necessary supplies and our team members even brought in some fun toys for him to play with. We're excited to have him as part of our team from now on!

We gave him a nostalgic name which means a small piece of charcoal which is the same as the name of the Donetsk-Kyiv passenger train which is symbolic of connection to our roots.

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09 January 2023

Presents are always nice to receive and it is even more pleasant to receive them from our clients. We would like to thank the client "Invest" (project under NDA) for a nice gift and attention during these holidays.

We are always pleased to collaborate with you! I would especially like to thank you for staying with us during these difficult times for our country. We, in turn, do our best to always ensure stable and high-quality work!

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02 January 2023

We are continuing to invest in the capacity of our backup power supply to ensure that our offices remain well-equipped and comfortable for our guys regardless of rolling blackouts. Some of the updates we have made include:

  • - Installing a PPS EcoFlow Delta MAX 2000 in office K1
  • - Adding a gasoline generator for 8 kW in office K1
  • - Implementing dedicated backup office wiring for PPS in both office K1 and K2
  • - Adding a PPS EcoFlow Delta in office K2
  • - Installing StarLink backup connection in office K2

We are dedicated to maintaining a warm, well-lit, and internet-connected workspace for our team and the benefit of our clients. If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to

23 December 2022

As the holiday season approaches, our team at would like to extend our warmest wishes to all of our valued clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you throughout the year, and appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

This year brought us a lot of challenges, but we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such dedicated and supportive clients. Your collaboration and understanding has helped us overcome these challenges and continue to deliver high-quality web development services.

As we look ahead to the new year, we are excited to continue partnering with you to bring your web development projects to life. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

We hope that the holiday season brings you joy, peace, and plenty of time to relax and recharge. We look forward to continuing to work with you and helping you achieve your goals in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at!

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16 December 2022

Congratulations to one of our PMs on their 3 year anniversary with! We are grateful to have such a dedicated and hardworking team member as part of our organization.

Thank you for your contributions to our team and for your ability to navigate complex tasks and turn client's thoughts into clear and concise project requirements. Here's to many more years of success and achievement of all set goals. As a token of our appreciation, we gifted you with a pair of AirPods Pro 2. Wishing you continued good health and prosperity.

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09 December 2022

We are looking for strong middle and senior node.js developers specifically for a cool and challenging, but stable long term project running for over 3 years since 2019. You will be working with huge traffic volumes and vast amounts of data. This project would be your prime opportunity to develop unique skills adjacent to data processing and analytics. Be ready to brainstorm and solve challenging issues in a dynamic environment with a team of like minded people.

We will gladly welcome both Kyiv as well as Tallinn based developers into our comfortable and well placed offices. We arrange everything necessary so you can focus on the project without any disruptions from all necessary hardware, facilities, snacks to batteries, generators and reserve connection as needed.

Sounds great? Contact to join us!

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02 December 2022

Our K3 Office (3rd office in Kyiv) has started planned renovations this week which should be complete by Christmas. We will be maintaining the same Loft style that we use in all our offices. Location is within a comfortable 7 minute walk distance from the metro station Tarasa Shevchenko in a warm and cozy business center (2019 construction). Magnetic passes at the entrance with security, multiple elevators and big windows.

Do you want to work with us in a fresh office? Then send us a letter at right away. We will be happy to see you!

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25 November 2022

Last week, we bought a gasoline generator for our K1 office (Kyiv) to ensure steady operation regardless of circumstance. Our foreman invited electricians and they rewired our electrical panel to include an automatic generator/city switch for electricity.

Now we have a specific algorithm for blackouts:

  • - When there is no electricity for a relatively short time, first we use EcoFlow battery and a dedicated optic cable internet provider which works during most outages.
  • - If there is no electricity for more than 4 hours, we connect the generator and StarLink as a reserve option.

    We have all bases covered, so we can work without any disruptions both during scheduled 2-4 hour rolling blackouts or autonomously by alternating between using EcoFlow battery and a generator to power the office and charge the EcoFlow battery.

    There are no emergencies for us, just organizational issues to solve so we can continue our work on schedule.

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18 November 2022

This week, we were celebrating the 3 year anniversary of joining for one of our backend developers. He received gifts which will enhance his comfort at home: Apple Home Pod and ergonomic office chair.

Thank you for being a great part of our team! We wish you joy in both personal and work life! We join all the wishes from colleagues and hope that they will all come true in the near future and we will see it happening!

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11 November 2022

With each week we are more prepared to rolling blackouts which became a part of routine for us. This week we’ve added even more hardware updates which help mitigate impacts on our productivity.

Today we equipped our K1 office with:

  • - EcoFlow PRO high capacity batteries
  • - Wired fiber optic provider internet provider which works even when there is no electricity
  • - Starlink as a reserve option to ensure our 100% availability
  • - Master electricians installed electrical wiring for lighting and sockets directly from EcoFlow batteries
  • - On Friday, the same will be done for K2 office

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4 November 2022

On 8th of November we will be celebrating the 17th anniversary of our founding! 🔥 🎁 🎂 We remember Financial crisis of 2008, War in Donbass of 2014, War in Ukraine of 2022 but we continued to work and provide quality services no matter the situation. We pay stable and predictable pay for our team and do everything to develop them both professionally and personally. We do all of this and more for our clients!

With us you can always count on stability and quality! Come and see for yourself 😀

28 October 2022

We wish everyone a happy halloween 🎃🎃🎃! We already thematically decorated our offices for an extra spooky atmosphere. Frequent rolling blackouts this week also helped to add spookiness, but we fight darkness with organization.

Our clients ask us how we deal with blackouts and other unpredictable situations in a way that they feel no difference at all while working with us. The answer is simple, but challenging for many companies:  preparation and reinvestment in all necessary hardware. We work only on MacBook PRO, their battery is enough for 6-10 hours, we also distribute LTE via mobile hotspots in an organized manner, so the only inconvenience is that the guys do not have an opportunity to make coffee : )

USPS has the motto: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” our version for this year would sound like this “Neither financial crisis, nor threat of war or total blackouts will prevent us from delivering your project on time and with the required quality.”

If you want a stable outsourcing partner who you can always rely on, just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to walk you through all the steps to start.

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21 October 2022

Solid foundation is necessary if you want to build any complex structure, for our team company regulations are that foundation upon which we stand. For all the time that we were working with our clients we constantly improved our regulations to always fit the changing environment and incorporate the whole sum of company experience which constantly grows.

Last iteration of our organizational regulations was introduced this September and now we are actively working on updating our technical regulations and internship plans. If you want to feel our structuring Influence on your project we are waiting for your ideas at

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14 October 2022

Yesterday, at our weekly meeting with PMs and the company management, it was announced that our Kyiv offices had physically run out of space for new guys. So, the management plans to open a 3rd office in Kyiv and considering the location of the other two offices, it would be convenient to cover the 3rd part of Kyiv.

Previously, offices in Kyiv were opened on the left and right banks of the Dnieper. Office 3 will be on the right bank of the Dnieper, but will be geographically shifted further from another one to make it more convenient for some of the guys. Kyiv is a big city and if you can reduce the daily commute from 1-1.5 hours to 15-30 minutes for guys, this is a huge bonus.

We still have spots open in Tallinn, so the HR department won't have an opportunity to rest yet ;)

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4 October 2022

Would you like to work with TOP technical stack? Would you like to learn from colleagues with broad expertise? Do you want to get off the treadmill and develop your skills? So, complete the test task, pass a couple of interviews then go through a month traineeship period and you’ll open the door to new opportunities. It is not going to be easy, we require guys to work hard and develop their skills at a fast pace.

According to our recruitment plan for October we are looking to hire:

  • - Backend developer (PHP Laravel) - 2 opening
  • - Front-end developer (React, Vue) - 2 openings
  • - Backend developer (Node.js) - 1 opening
  • - QA engineer - 2 opening
  • - PM - 1 opening

We are waiting for you

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29 September 2022

This week we implemented sweeping changes to the organizational structure of our company by overhauling and streamlining internal company regulation documents and introducing the Lead PM positions. These changes are focused on building more adaptable structures which we can scale further while growing and hiring new people.

Our main principle and core objective stays the same: to deliver projects on time and with the required quality. In addition to that new changes focus on client’s comfort while working with us and proper crisis management in unpredictable situations.

You can be sure that if any external problem arises our team will do everything possible to solve the problem and keep you updated until it's resolved. If you want to be always confident that your project is in safe hands, just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to help you get started.

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22 September 2022

In the past we have had successful iOS and Android app development branches, but due to drop in wider demand for app development we ultimately decided to close them down. However, some of our dedicated long term clients wanted to keep all of their development efforts with us and needed to spread their offering both to Android Play Store and iOS App store.

After research we found that React Native fits best for this task: it allows us to develop native apps for both iOS and Android based on a single JavaScript codebase (we can even reuse some parts of the code from the front-end part of the website). This allowed us to quickly close this gap in projects where it was necessary while being lean and flexible as a company.

Currently we are actively expanding our React Native development capabilities by improving our frontend developers skill sets. We’ve developed a set of individual tasks within our PDP (Personal Development Plan) program. Developer, who completes all tasks, acquires all necessary skills to bridge the differences between working with React.js for web development and React Native development.

If you have a multiplatform idea we will be glad to help you bring it to life, just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to help you get started.

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16 September 2022

This week in our T1 (Tallinn) office we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our Lead PM joining our company. He received a small but very fun gift of a DJI Mini 2 quad copter.

We are truly grateful for all your work! There were many difficulties on your way, but a smile, enthusiasm and perseverance allowed you to find the strength in yourself, while remaining a gentle and pleasant person. We wish you less ASAP moments in your work and personal life ;)

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9 September 2022

Last Saturday, we all met at the K1 office which is our left bank Kyiv office. Everyone arrived at an agreed time by 11 a.m. and the office manager quickly distributed tasks among the team. Everyone received a pair of gloves, a rag, detergent and a respirator. We turned on the music and got into cleaning.

Walls were wiped from the dust that had accumulated over time. All surfaces were dusted: cabinets, shelves, tables, appliances, etc. Other guys were painting the walls to freshen up the white paint. Then the team split up. Some of the guys went to wash the huge panoramic windows, but don't worry the office is on the first floor. The second team started cleaning the floor. We all took a break together and shared hot pizza! Around 6 pm, the work was done. Thanks to all the guys who came to help with the office voluntarily and build stronger bonds. The office shines more than ever!

At the end I heard a reply from one of the girls on our team: "You are welcome, but we did it for ourselves." These are the best words that summarize an idea of subbotnik which is a tradition of voluntary work for yourself and community. Our CEO believes that there is no better team building than working together with everyone. We do everything with utmost attention to quality, even washing the floor ;)

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1 September 2022

As per our recruitment plan for September we are looking to hire:

  • - Data analyst - 1 opening
  • - Front-end developer (React, Vue) - 3-5 openings
  • - QA engineer - 1 opening
  • - PM - 1 opening
  • - Backend PHP - 2 opening
  • - Sales manager - 1 opening

Join us and work with a cutting edge top tech stack and learn from colleagues with years of broad expertise. We provide every guy with their own personalized IDP (Individual Development Plan) so they can grow and develop alongside the company. All you need to do is complete the test task, pass a couple of interviews and complete a month of intensive paid internship. It won’t be easy but at the end of internship you will surely feel like you’ve reached a new level.

If you are up to the task you can find more information here:

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26 August 2022

Even more upgrades arrived this week! We bought a brand new batch of 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro on the M1 Pro platform. We do our best to ensure the best equipment and conditions are available to our team so they can reach the highest efficiency without being limited by hardware.

Our approach to development and all processes around is to maximize efficiency without compromising quality by streamlining every possible step and detail. You can benefit from this efficiency by working with us, just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to help you get started.

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19 August 2022

Our K1 office is already a year old, it’s time to shake things up and make some changes! We broke down a wall and transformed our CEO’s personal office into additional open space for our ever growing team.

We’ve set up five new comfortable workplaces:

  • - MacBook Pro (M1, 16Gb)
  • - 4K professional displays
  • - Ergonomic chairs
  • - All necessary peripherals
  • - Panoramic view over city skyline

Our company grows with each coming day and you have the opportunity to scale your development efforts with us. Just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to consult you.

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12 August 2022

Today, on behalf of the company and entire team congratulated one of our QA specialists on the 3 year anniversary of working in the company. She received a small but nice Apple Watch SE gift.

I would like to join everything that has been said by colleagues and wish for good health, professional development and interesting projects!

We treasure our team members and build long lasting relationships both internally and externally. If you are looking for a long term outsourcing partner you can find out more about the agency and contact us on our website

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5 August 2022

One of our Kyiv offices had two simple glass meeting rooms. This week our brand pattern and logo accentuated the loft style of the office. Now everything is complete exactly like we planned in our 3D model.

As with any project, the details are everything. Our task is to create a PRD (Product Requirements Document) that describes the project down to the smallest detail and takes into consideration all features and specifics.

We focus on developing complete projects exactly according to PRD and mockups from start to finish. More details here

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29 July 2022

Today our HR department received a new talent recruitment plan for August and September. The company is actively improving and expanding its talent reserve. Even more vacancies are now open in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Tallinn (Estonia) offices.

Open positions for August

  • - Frontend developer (3-5 positions)
  • - QA specialist (1 position)
  • - Data Analyst (1position)

Preliminary open positions for September

  • - Frontend developer (3 positions)
  • - QA specialist (1 position)
  • - Project Manager (1position)

Join us and let’s grow together! More details here:

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22 July 2022

It’s nice when the upper management works closely with the team to solve any ongoing issues. Let me tell you a short story.

A year has passed since we moved to a large and beautiful loft-style office on the left bank of the Dnieper in Kyiv. At that time our CEO has designed and implemented his own office in a spacious room, with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Now two offices in Kyiv have run out of space to accommodate our constantly growing team. Today we had a meeting discussing how we can solve this. Our CEO gathered all the project managers and the office manager to show a solution: an updated 3D model of his personal office with 6 comfortable workplaces. In the meantime he will move to work in a small, modest warehouse.

This is how management should always act:

  • - Be with the team.
  • - Work directly with guys.
  • - Always be one message away from clients.

Interested in trying to work with us?  Just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to consult you.

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15 Jul 2022

Tallinn. Office started.

How can we become closer to the EU? Working directly in the EU is the answer :)

We are pleased to announce that our first office is already up and running and today is the third workday in it for 5 of our guys that are trailblazing a new location.

We are actively expanding our team both in Tallinn as well as Kyiv to accommodate ever growing demand from our clients who need more resources for their groundbreaking projects.

More information here:

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8 Jul 2022® is steadily growing and welcoming new people into our ranks. While we are busy with our current projects we never stop thinking how we can further sustain and accelerate this growth. Which is why we pay close attention to our sales, client onboarding and promotion.

Our approach in this direction is built on the same approach that drives our development: exhaustive instructions and guidelines for our sales managers to follow to ensure quality and consistency. We believe in being completely honest and transparent from the first contact and for all years of cooperation to follow, so we are very direct and do everything possible to avoid giving any false expectations going into the project. Every client has a right to make informed decisions without being misled with overly optimistic promises.

We are expanding sales department and looking for new sales and lead generation specialists, contact our HR to discuss available openings here:

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30 Jun 2022

Tallinn, Estonia. Our new office “T1”. Located downtown, in the business center. Soon it will be ready to accommodate 12 comfortable workspaces with 2 additional rooms for meetings and recreation. It has a big kitchen and a bar counter that can be used for relaxation, meetings, lunches or by its primary purpose : )

We just received the keys to the office. The team works on necessary supplies, contracts and other things while our CEO as always works on the interior design and 3D modeling. We are all full of anticipation and busy with the whole process of opening a new office. When everything is ready, we will share a photo of the new office.

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22 Jun 2022

We had been preparing for a long time to implement internal training presentations in our company to give everyone a format to share their expertise. For the 3rd month now, we arrange mini presentations every Tuesday at lunchtime. Some of the guys are preparing presentations on brand new technologies that we have not adopted yet while others use this opportunity to further explore current already implemented technologies, patterns and approaches.

This allows all the guys that focus on specific areas to learn something new outside of it within our company. As people say they need to “just reach out their hand” and knowledge is already there. Our guys have a lot of expertise in the company and are always happy to share with colleagues.

Based on the results of 3 months of presentations, we have implemented quite a lot of changes in our current projects. Additionally, this allows the speaker to influence others and contribute to the training of colleagues. Make a contribution to the company and projects that are currently under development.

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15 Jun 2022

We are growing fast! There are only four workplaces left across two Kyiv offices, no more room to fit any more people for now. But not for long, we plan to recruit new guys to fill these spots and expand even further by opening a 3rd office in Kyiv or in western Ukraine.

Join us and work with a cutting edge top tech stack. We provide every guy with their own personalized IDP (Individual Development Plan) so they can grow and develop alongside the company.

You can find more information here:

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9 Jun 2022

Our clients often have reservations about jumping into Dedicated Team format before they know us well and fully understand the value that we can bring to their business. This is completely normal and we always encourage well thought out and informed decision making, because it builds a stable foundation for long term cooperation.

In this case our clients start from a smaller scale (120-320 hours) self-contained tasks like a landing page or specific module development on WPE basis to get a feel for working with our team and then transition to a full dedicated team with weekly output equal or exceeding the total scope of the initial trial project.

If you have any questions about working with us just send an email to and our client managers will be happy to help you. More info you can get here

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31 May 2022

Dedicated team format fits best for your new business, startup or alr active project that needs to be redesigned. Just choose a pace at which you want to move in the development within a range of 120 to 480 hours per week and we are ready to go. We will ensure the stability and predictability of the development speed chosen by you throughout the entire time of cooperation (often from 1 to 5 or even up to 7+ years).

Get your own fully staffed IT department and move confidently at your chosen development speed. More details here:

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25 May 2022

No matter what anyone says, it’s still nice to get together in the meeting room and discuss a project. Of course, not everyone can fit in the same room or even in the same office, the guys are spread across 3 offices. But the face to face joint work creates a certain mood, one can say a state of mind - which drives to create. This energy unites and inspires. It gives you a feeling of belonging, that you are not alone.

The company is growing and developing. Join us and let’s grow together

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17 May 2022

The main news for today is that we opened both offices in Kyiv and everyone started this work week already at the office (except for 4 people who will arrive a bit later by May 23). Office is buzzing with activity and energy. It's so motivating to get back to work at your favorite workplace and to a normal life at home 🙂

We are always welcome to new people who are interested in joining our team, take a look at available openings here:

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10 May 2022

On May 16th we are planning to reopen both offices in Kyiv (on the left and right Dnipro bank) and go back to our usual workflow.

The nature of Ukrainian Carpathians is very beautiful, but I still long for the big city atmosphere. Can’t wait to resume an active schedule of a city dweller. Work during the day, self development and rest in the evening. The weekend is also always full of things to do.

Nothing is better than a trusted team and comfortable workplace, even our office walls help. Everyone anticipates seeing colleagues again to share achievements and results of work.

We are also always welcome to new people who are interested in joining our team, take a look at available openings here:

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3 May 2022

Our company is getting closer to the European Union. As a first step in April we opened an LLC in the EU. In May we plan to open an office and start hiring staff for the European branch.

As usual, we will continue to grow and develop our internal regulations, best practices and experience which are the foundation of our approach. In the meantime we plan to expand the company and focus more on the dedicated team format However, this does not mean that we stop working in WPE format, on the contrary, it is one of the most common stepping stones to a dedicated team and is absolutely invaluable for our clients. If you have any questions, send an email to and our client managers will be happy to consult you.

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26 April 2022

Time passes and clouds give way to the sun. Our beautiful land wakes up in spring and along with it everyone gets a boost to their energy. The work is moving faster and faster every day. In May, we plan to resume work in both of our Kyiv offices. Guys want to get back to their usual lives which includes working from an office.

The company also does not stand still and moves forward at a growing pace. At the moment, 8 new guys are undergoing an active internship. By developing our company we contribute to developing the country.

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19 April 2022

Happy Catholic Easter! In Ukraine we just celebrated Palm Sunday, which is a holiday before the Orthodox Easter that will be next Sunday.

Let these holidays unite us all in yearning for peace and prosperity for people all over the world, so that everyone can safely work to improve the lives of everyone and enjoy the fruits of this labor.

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12 April 2022

Life in Kyiv is starting to get back on track. Our office downtown is already working for the third week straight and we plan to restart the second office on the left bank of Dnipro in a couple weeks. Some of our guys are already actively planning their trips back to Kyiv.

At the moment you have a great opportunity to join our team, we currently only have 3 vacancies left: a frontend developer (React / Vue) and 2 openings for a Node.js (NestJS / ExpressJS) backend developer.

More details here: If you want to join our team, contact us at

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5 April 2022

We are looking for frontend React/Vue developers and backend Node.js developers to join our team. You will work on interesting and challenging projects from all over the world in a great team of 40+ talented people together with other frontend and backend developers, project managers, lead devs, designers, QA specialists. We deeply believe in personal development and actively invest our resources so everyone has ample opportunity to grow.

More details here: If you want to join our team, contact us at

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29 March 2022

With every day of the war Ukrainian people are becoming stronger. Guys are spending more and more time at work, one of them has even already returned to work in the office. I miss the office too.

Now our company is actively looking for new talented people. Many people have lost their jobs and we have a job to offer them. But the same high standards apply, first new guys still have to go through a 2-month internship, study the company's regulations, learn how to work in a team and, of course, study technologies.

If you want to join our team, contact us at

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22 March 2022

One of the best ways to fight stress and cope with harsh reality is to keep yourself busy. Many guys now voluntarily propose to work on weekends to distract themselves from thinking about what is happening around. Some dedicate this time to helping family, friends and people around. Others just rest and continue on Monday refreshed. Everyone is unique and we do our best to understand each other during these hard times.

In the meantime, our HR, CTO and CEO is as busy as always doing interviews to hire new guys. Many have lost their jobs due to other companies and agencies closing, so we feel that we can step up and provide jobs.

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14 March 2022

This is what the Ukrainian 🇺🇦 flag symbolizes. What does it mean to love your country? The answer may be different for each one of us, but we will share our personal answers. You love your country when:

  • - You built a company in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - You pay taxes in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - Your house is in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and you built it yourself
  • - Started a family and raised a child in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - Traveled all around Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - Spend your hard earned money in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - You teach web development to your guys in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • - Create jobs and provide financial stability in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Loving your country is not just words! These are actions, do what you can do best for the country. We know how to work hard and we will work.

© photo our CEO took while traveling around the country of Ukraine 🇺🇦 in 2019

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7 March 2022

We continue to work in Ukraine. All our guys are now working remotely from safe locations. Some of the guys stayed in Kyiv, some went to other cities of western Ukraine (Rivne, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil). But we continue to work.

We receive a lot of words of support and desire to help us and our country. You can help us continue our work. Guys, when they are busy with work, can think positively, stay calm and instill confidence in their families. Work allows our company to continue paying wages, taxes in Ukraine and remain solvent citizens of our country.

Support Ukraine not with words, but with deeds. Let’s work together on new projects. Give us this opportunity. This will be the best and real help for us.

Work for us today is a guarantee of stability for tomorrow.

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28 February 2022

We are working! And we have always worked no matter the situation in 2014 and now. Our team works remotely to stay safe and continue developing our projects. Thank you to all the clients who work with us!

We remain a reliable outsourcing partner. We do our best.

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22 February 2022