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Team and careers

We are proud that some of our guys have been working in the company for many years: Lead designer for 13 years, CTO for 9 years, PM for 8 years and other guys have been working in the company for 3-5 years.

We employ about 75+ guys working in 6 offices of the company (Tallinn, Estonia and 5 offices in Kyiv, Ukraine). We also opened a brand new office in Tallinn (Estonia) and are looking for new people to join us there. We make sure that all of out offices are comfortable for work, convenient and have all necessary hardware


We try to create the most comfortable conditions in the offices so that the guys can comfortably spend time at work. Each office has: 1-2 toilets, a kitchen, a place for lunch, 2 meeting rooms, a place for recreation and sports. In the kitchen, the guys have everything they need to work without leaving the office: free lunches, yogurts in the refrigerator, fruits, up to 40 types of teas, a coffee machine, sweets and pastries, ice cream and ice in the freezer in summer, soda, Coca-Cola, juices. Drinking water is filtered with 6 stages of filtration and osmosis.

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The offices have an air conditioning and ventilation system. Humidifiers are also installed in each office. Each office has a bar counter, air hockey or mini football, a console, board games and handheld massagers for the neck and back. Bookshelves are full of technical books. In addition to paper books, the office has an entire library with audio and ebooks. Our library includes 200 books of a specialized nature and for self-improvement.

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English teacher

The company has a full-time English teacher who works with the guys directly (in groups of 2 people) twice a week. Classes are held at a convenient time for the guys, both after work and on weekends.

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All workplaces are equipped with a 4K monitor on an adjustable stand, a laptop stand, a MacBooks Pro 13 and 16 based on M1, an apple mouse, a keyboard and a dock station with 6 USB ports. As well as an individual LED lamp for 38-42W with a light of 4200K. Comfortable chair with adjustments and breathable eco-leather.

Testing devices are available for QA specialists and guys in offices: iPhone 5c, RX, 8, SE, 10, 12, …, Android phones, iPad mini, pro, air, Android tablets and a Windows laptop.

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Health and safety

Sterilizing UV lamps are installed in all of the offices which automatically turn on twice a day. During the day for 15 minutes and at night for 30 minutes. The rooms are also cleaned every day. The toilets have a hygienic shower, deodorant, mouthwash, eye drops. There are first aid kits in stock and fire extinguishers in the corners of the rooms.

The offices are equipped with the Ajax security system, surveillance cameras and electronic keys. Project managers and office managers make sure that the offices maintain a comfortable working environment.

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How do we rest?

We rest as cool as we work. We call our rest - movement (it's hard to translate, we just not sit through our parties). We rent a bus, go out of town to spend time actively and take pizza, water and carbonated drinks with us.

What do we do on our free time together:

  • We rode and swam along the Dnipro on the BRDM (Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle) and Sherp all-terrain vehicles
  • Played laser tag
  • Rode quad bikes in the woods
  • We played paintball
  • Rode on motorcycles
  • Played in quest rooms
  • Went karting
  • Played billiards
  • Rode around the parking lot and drifted on Mustang Cabrio and Camaro cabri
  • Played volleyball
  • Many more interesting things
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Join us. Look for all the details and current vacancies on popular job search sites in Ukraine, Estonia. Or contact our HR, +380 50 254 2789 during business hours.

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Company policy

Our company highly values the client’s time, that’s why it is our top priority to complete our work in time while meeting the quality requirements. Web development, as well as many other IT directions, requires a lot of details and nuances to be discussed and fixed.

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Development approach

The work team always consists of at least three people: a developer (frontend, backend or full stack), a Project Manager or a Team Lead (hereinafter PM) and a QA. It is often the case that if a project is very dynamic there are involved two QAs or even more in order to ensure better performance and flexibility.

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